Lovelinks: The Overachiever Edition

HAPPY WEDNESDAY PRETTYPIES! Today I have about a bajillion links for you guys! Yup! I'm just that cool! (NOT!) Anywho, I had an uncanny burst of energy due to a McDonald's Iced Coffee (what do they put in that thing???!!) and I felt like giving this edition of Lovelinks my 225% effort!

 (Links below images)

Links listed LEFT to RIGHT:

Gallery Wall (insert JAW DROP!)
Sunset (GASP!)
Beautiful woman in trench 2 (who looks like Lynn of Hearted Girl)

I should drink Iced Coffees more often, eh?

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  1. I'd love to have a gallery wall like that. It's beautiful.
    Also, that star wars bathroom is too funny. My son would love it.
    I enjoyed your 225%! Good job McDonalds!


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