Lovelinks: The Grumpy-Half Version

Feliz Friday prettypies! Welcome to the half version of Lovelinks. Usually there's 10 lovely things I share, but tonight didn't turn out so well (yes, pre-scheduled post), so there's only 5... To be honest, my weekend is on the brink of being ruined.... Lovey is grumpy. I'm grumpy. My hair is grumpy. If we had pets, they'd be grumpy. Arrrgghhh.. Everyone's grumpy! Are you grumpy? Cause if you are you can come over and one of us can give the other frustrated looks  and go to bed without saying goodnight... And then the other person can be passive aggressive about the whole thing and avoid talking things over by blogging instead....Urrghhh!

Really need to patch things up with my Love-myster, cause I don't want to be a grumpypants all weekend. I refuse to let this one be ruined by lame quarrels inspired by exhaustion (his), PMS (mine), and stress (both)... Oy! Sorry to throw this on you friends. So deceptive since the first three words in this post seemed so happy-go-lucky... Boo. Anyway.. Onto the loveliness...(Are you still reading?)

1. Only kinds of pretty plants I don't kill.

2. Holy smokes! Look at all those boots!

3.  I want my blog to look as cool and as simple as this polka dotted blouse.
4. Lovey is not a fan of pancakes. I'm nutso about pancakes!

5.  This beet hummus sandwich thingy looks really interesting...
Okay. So looking at these lovely things made me feel slightly better... and hungry. No wait. I take that back. I'm stressing still. How about you tell me something you're looking forward to this weekend and make me smile? Deal?? GO!


  1. I hate beets so that sandwich looks pretty gross to me! haha. My household is grumpy today too! I woke up griping about little things so today must just be a grumpy day for everyone I guess. Something I'm looking forward to this weekend...hmm..I'm supposed to FINALLY be getting a treadmill so fingers crossed that works out! Maybe the endorphin rush will cure my grumpiness :p

  2. Aw hope you all de-grumpify soon! I'm looking forward to Cinco de Mayo festivities this weekend. :)

  3. That beet hummus sandwich thingy looks amazing (I have a thing for beets...).

    Sorry to hear you're living in Grumpyville right now. Hopefully things will cheer up soon!!

  4. Sorry your weekend isn't off to a good start! I hate that. It shouldn't be allowed. I'm not a fan of pancakes either. I loveee waffles though! Mmmm! My dads office has a pancake brekkie every year and it's my favorite thing ever but that's the only place I'll eat pancakes. Unless my dad makes them on Christmas. But normally I'm a waffle with huckleberry syrup and warm maple syrup kinda girl. Beets are gross, I've never had hummus and I hate spinach so that sandwich is my worst nightmare. Hahaha

  5. Well if I hadn't been hungry before, I would be now! Those pancakes...I need them! We hardly ever go the movies, except for things we're really excited to see and I'm STOKED about The Avengers. So I'm going to see it this weekend! Even if I have to go alone. I'm okay with that. I'll have popcorn to comfort me.

  6. I hope the grumpyness blows over :)
    I pinned that first photo too, love those homemade pots they are in! And, somehow I still manage to kill succulents.

  7. boo to those marriage quarrels. I know how those are and they totally suck. I'm normally the stubborn passive aggressive one and it drives Mr. Brilliant crazy! Just take a breath and relax this weekend. Hopefully things will get better. Read this The verse I posted about makes me feel better sometimes. Love ya girl!

  8. Those pancakes! They are killing me! I hope your weekend gets un-grumpy and much better, my dear - you deserve it :)

  9. hahah I am really bad when talking about taking care of plants, so I really agree with you. I LOVE MY CACTUS ^^

  10. I'm sorry everyone's grumpy in your vicinity! :( BOO! I hate feeling down in the dumps. I'm looking forward to the KENTUCKY DERBY!! Pretty horses!! Hope your weekend starts looking up soon, friend! xoxoxoxo

  11. i would LOVE for my next closet to have that much space for my shoes!!

  12. I can see that blouse on you ! Really pretty...

    And I had apple cinn. pancakes on Saturday, they were YUM


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