A Look Back @ APRIL!

Another month come and gone! Where does the time go???? Does it alarm anyone else how fast time is flying???? I remember just thinking how it was only the beginning of April...Just like it was yesterday. So weird. Well... April.. You were a doozy...fun, yet stressful...and I shan't see your face again.

Here's some stuff that happened in Jongleurville last month!

1. I got highlights!

2. I had breakfast with Valery! WOO!

3. I celebrated Passover!

4. Played the best Instagram game ever!

5. Scored BIG at the thrift store!

 Oh sweet May! You're booking up quick! Lets take it slow! I'm not quite ready for June just yet ;-)


  1. I thought I was the only one that realized time is zooming by. It's like you blink and another month is gone.

  2. Oh yeah, time is flying by way too fast! I love the Instagram game you played with friends, how fun!

  3. The Instagram game was fun and silly. I loved it!

    Check out my Instagram...I got highlights, a little more than just a few. I'm loving it! You inspired me!

    Yes April went by so fast, looking back on it I cannot believe it is already May. And like you, my May is filling up fast...way too fast!

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  4. April flew by! I'm sorry Janette, but I really want May and June to fly by because I get summer vacation! By the way, I'm writing this from the train ride. Free wifi! how cool is that!

  5. i love this idea for a post! i always do a retrospective annually, but i've been seeing more & more bloggers do it month by month and it seems like a cute idea. love your blog! xo.

  6. Love thrift store scores... but I know I'm not the only one. (: Yes, April went by tooooo fassssst.



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