Le Weekend Recap: Holga Filter Edition

Hello prettypies! Happy Monday! Here we are again...A new week! Wow! Not sure how that happens. Anywho! My weekend consisted of preparing and hosting Sabbath service at our home, a Bridal shower, and a birthday party! Wooo! And somewhere in between all that I had a donut. I should mention that because donuts are important. Anywho... Here's snippets of my weekend via a cool Holga filter on Picasa. I think everything looks more interesting this way... Don't you?

What Friday nights look like at my house:
 Bridal shower food:
 Bathroom shots at the Bridal shower. Classy!
Yes. I live in this jacket.

 If you know me in IRL, you know I make a beeline for the crushed ice dispenser every time:
 Bridal shower cake:
 Princess cake at my niece's birthday. Made with love by my best gal pal, Val!
What was your weekend highlight?? 

Highlight: On Friday night, Lovey and I sat out in our patio and talked and talked. When it was too cold, we went inside and talked some more. Oh sweet bliss...I love that man...

Lowlight: Getting in a fight with Lovey about moving my car. (More on that later.) Urrgh. He drives me crazy sometimes.... But I love that man...


  1. Aww! Looks like a fun weekend!
    I love long talks too. Hopefully that makes up for the disagreement. Hope you have a wonderful week sweet girl! xo

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves the Holga! It's my fav!

  3. AHHHH! i love your header! did you make your blog yourself!?

  4. love is a beautiful thing!
    what an eventful weekend..wow! your pictures look great.

  5. oh wow, look at that food! I want to come to your house on a Friday night, hehe.

  6. I had a bridal shower this weekend too! And I LOVE the Barbie cake. Those are my fave to make :)


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