Cool. Not Cool. Undecided.

- I booked a wedding today... like a boss. Yeeeeaahh BOY! What!
- Coolest part? It's on a Thursday! Wooo for weekday weddings!!!
- Oh and I have a photo shoot on Monday afternoon. Yipee!
-Booking photo shoots makes my day!
-I'm becoming more conscious about my atrocious posture. You should too! I slouch sooo much!

-When people have to move to the opposite side of the earth :-(
- I just realized my photography website domain expired. Woops!
-I also just realized my refund for Picnik is floating out there, somewhere in the atmosphere :-( My account information changed. How do I get it back?? Boo!
-Not having unlimited texting (#1stworldcountryprobs). Yeah. That's me.
-Tell my nephew to not text me anymore cause of aforementioned :-( Boo! #badaunty

- I sort of want to open up an Etsy shop and sell vintage/thrifted clothes of ALL sizes at superrr affordable prices (like...everything under $10 sort of thing...) I guess it's just a matter of getting motivated and doing it, right? Hmm...

- I also want to become a blog consultant. LOL Yes, I'm fully aware my blog is just a little ol' thing in the realm of Blogger.. I'm a speck on a speck on a speck.. But I've learned a lot (not just from my own experience, but watching other blogs grow). I would looove to help bloggers that are just starting out and point them in the right direction..Or share tips that I've seen work.. I guess I just wish I had had someone at the beginning to tell me, "Hey you should change this particular aspect of your blog." or "Your banner is garish! Here! Try this instead..." I wouldn't want to give general and obvious advice either like, "Just be yourself!" or "Sponsor a bigger blog." Know what I mean? I guess I could just freely give my constructive criticism to these bloggers via their comment sections...But then again, uninvited criticism tends to turn people off. Then people would say, "Janette the Jerk? Yeah! I know her. She's mean!!" *sigh* I just want to help other bloggers... I would even accept pay in chocolate chip walnut cookies or large wads of moola! Take your pick ;-)

- I would like to purchase a bike or some rollerblades. I can't decide which to get. Hmmm...Coin toss!!!

Well prettypies! I hope you have a magical weekend! See you on the other side, Lordwilling!

PS. The Undecided picture is from last night. FOAM CURLERS! Those things are too legit! I love them. $2 for 6 at Ross. SCORE!


  1. I'm thinking of getting a bike as well. No rollerblades for me, been there, done that, wasn't mine at all! haha

    Happy Friday xxx

  2. It's sad for me when my friends move to the other side of town, so yeah, other side of the earth isn't cool.

  3. Congrats on booking the wedding!!!! I'm so excited for you! It's beyond stressful and nerve-wracking but I absolutely love photographing weddings. :)

  4. are THE cutest. I've missed your blog so see, I've been in a BIG funk lately. Like, a record-breaking terrible mood. So I've been non-existent in all of the beautiful blogosphere, and that just made my funk even worse. So, hopefully now, I'm back in the swing of things. Please forgive me for being a not so great bloggy friend lately...I still ADORE your space.

    ANYWAY. I love this post. I am SO happy you are booking all kinds of fun jobs...especially the WEDDING! You are so talented. AND I totally say GO FOR IT on the Etsy shop!! I've actually thought of doing that myself...sounds really FUN! :)

  5. who doesn't have unlimited text?? hahha. loveee it.

  6. TEXTS! This I wish you did have!!! Congrats on your photoshoot and wedding! Way exciting!
    uummmm...can you be my blog consultant?!
    Pssssttt! I have a new blog URL! Way exciting stuff! :)
    A Girl Called Beloved

  7. i totally think you should do the etsy thing.

  8. Congrats on booking a wedding! That's so exciting!

    And you should totally go for the Etsy shop. :)

  9. Like a boss. :) I'm glad I found your blog on this jungle of the internet!


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