Blogpost-less Mood

I've been in such a funk lately. It puts me in a blogpost-less mood, guys! I feel like I have absolutely nothing to share other than mundane shenanigans...I haven't done anything exciting other than the yooj (work and whatnot). I guess my question is, should I keep posting even though I have nothing to share..or should I only post when I have something a little more substantial going on? I'm not sure. I fear that if I do the latter, I'll never post again and then it'll be goodnight and lights out for Janette the Jongleur blog as we know it. (Which may not be a bad idea.) Sometimes I think about my blog's future.. Do I really expect to blog well into my 30s? 40s? 50s? Hmm.. Things to ponder... Anywho. Here's what I've done recently...Uh..Yeah..Not much.

Painted & repainted my nails. You can't see the hot pink too well, but it's really hot and really pink...I love it!
 Scoured through magazines at work to find appropriate ones to keep in our reception area. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. In the process I found this super cute outfit..Dreamy, right?
 My nieces did my hair and I drank their juice boxes for sweet revenge. (Haha! Jk!) I think they did a great job, actually. They may be onto a new trend..Ya think?
 Doodles & Ruffles with Tapatio and lemon. Yum!

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. well, hello! i think you should blog when you feel like it, that's what i do. sometimes, i feel like i need a bit of a push so i'll pre-plan posts. i keep a notebook for my blog, and i try to post 4-5 times per week. but it's not like i'll fire myself if i don't.


  2. i definitely agree with maggie, only blog if you feel like it! i've been feeling the same way lately. sometimes life just gets so crazy that blogging has to go on the backburner. and these mundane things are real life! there's no reason you shouldn't post them! and ruffles with tapatio and lemon?! looks/sounds delicious. i have to try it now!

  3. Me too, lady, me too. I love your blog so I hope we're those obnoxious 70 something's blogging away. Because THAT would be freaking awesome.

    Love your hurr by the way. Except maybe use a few more clips next time?

  4. Do whatever you want, I wouldn't even really worry about it. I love reading all of your posts, substantial or not.

  5. You know I feel you, girl. Been going through the same thing. BUT DON'T EVEN say you're thinking about QUITTING?! No ma'am. Me and you? We are in this for the long haul. Let's make blogging at 60 the COOL thing. ;) Even if by then all we talk about is panty hose and how cute the young pool boy is. HA!

  6. Cute photos! That outfit you found is really cute!


  7. haha blogless moods suck. At least your nails look super prett-ay.


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