What's new with you?

I've been MIA lately... From commenting, from blogging, from leisurely activities...But it looks like I may be getting a break and entering into the world of "MORE FREE TIME!" WOOOO! So I'm doing a recap of the past two months...an abbreviated version obviously...Ha!

Hairy Issues
 I've been mulling over hair ideas these past few months. My hair appointment is this Sunday, so the matter is all the more pressing! To keep the bangs or grow them out? Get a 1 inch trim or chop off 5 inches? I'm not sure... But I've got to decide, stat! Any suggestions?

Pattern Mixing
Lately, I really don't care too much about matching... It must be a "getting older" thing... At work, I try to dress a little more conservative when it comes to patterns and color...But only cause my boss's mommy makes comments sometimes.. Haha! Otherwise, it's a free for all! I really just don't care anymore. Is anyone else on the same boat?

 Barlow Girl Concert
Yes, I went to a free Barlow Girl concert a few weeks back! It was glorious and acoustic! Woo! My second BG concert! Those girls are so talented. I heart them tons.

Work. Food. Work.
I should have put this at the top of my list. Work has been cray-Z ! That's an understatement. And it never seems to end. When I get home, there's more work waiting for me. I stay up late doing laundry and sometimes wake up early to clean the bathroom.. Yup! Nothing like cleaning the toilet while you're half awake and having toilet water splash in your face from scrubbing. Good morning indeed!

All Things Passover
Passover is rockin'. But it requires hard work and preparation. Lots and lots of cleaning but sooo worth it! Lovey and I hosted our first traditional seder (although we've been observing Passover for a few years now...) at our home.. It went pretty well, but since parties stress me out, I enjoyed attending other seders we were invited to all the more.. Probably cause I didn't have to clean up afterwards...Haha!

 So other than Passover and the Barlow Girl concert, not too much going on... You're all caught up!

So....What's new with you? 


  1. we all need breaks sometimes(: dont worry.. although I personally missed youu!! :) ;) I saaayy... chop off 5 inches?! :D

  2. I would love to attend a Passover sometime! That would be incredible!

    I say chop off 5 inches... nothing says 'hello summer' like a fresh new look!


  3. I'm going to say, go with the moment on your hair. If you over-think it you won't do anything to it. Ha!

    I love the Passover pics. I have never hosted a Seder, mainly because of all of the work that goes into it. I just don't have the time to devote to the cleaning. It is intense and I would want to make certain I did it right. But I have certainly enjoyed other's Seder's. Maybe next year we can find one. We've been out of the circle of friends who observe Passover for several years. (Obviously I am not an observant Jew, huh?)

    Where do you work? This seems to be a crazy year for employees and students. People are putting in crazy hours with one or the other, sometimes both. I hope you get some down time soon.

    Blessings & ♥
    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  4. Love the pictures! I think you should grow your hair out or go with a cute semi-short funky cut. Either way, they both suit you very well!
    I love your blog, by the way. The header is adorable and your posts keep me well-entertained. :)

    xo, Samantha

  5. I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I'm in the same boat. I have no idea what to do!

  6. Keep the bangs!!! For all the deprived bangs wannabees like me! Haha :P

    Nah, do whatever you like. Heehee!

  7. Your boss's mom? Seriously??? I chopped my hair off not long ago. So much easier and so much cooler!! Have a great day!!

  8. Your life is way more interesting than min--and at least you make a time to clean the bathroom I kind of put it off and got the husband to do it, I am so kind like that ;)

    And that pizza has got me excited about the pizza I am having for dinner tonight, my life is wild!

  9. OMG ME TOO LADY!!! I haven't blogged in a month. I haven't looked at other blogs in a month!! We are on the same page... that is neat! {have you seen Orange County? hahahaha}

    Welcome back! You are a busy woman but that is always good! I freaking want pizza all the time!! Now I want it more. Glad you hosted a passover dinner... did you leave a seat for Elijah? I don't know how many people really do that... My jewish family never did when we had Passover. You are gorgeous as always even if it is just your bangs ahhahaha... seriously though!! You never ever look bad... RUDE!

  10. You have been such a busy lady. On the bangs, I'm really liking my side bangs. My friend who cuts my hair pulled more hair from further on my head to make them thicker.

  11. those bangs you crack me up girl as usual, and barlow girl ....you lucky girl, i've only seen them ONCE!!! Oh man, ...so glad you got to go...and love love love the passover tradition you started, props girl props.

  12. You've been busy! Glad things may slow down for you in a bit. I've been missing you in the blogosphere. :)

  13. Ahhhh!!!!! So jealz of your Barlow Girl concert! AWESOME!


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