Random Rundown

Haaaaappy Monday friends! Hope you all had a good holiday weekend! It's back to the grind unfortunately...And yet, even though it's Monday and I wish I could sleep a few more hours, I see the light at the end of the tunnel! Yipee! I've been super busy lately, but it seems (call it wishful thinking) that things are winding down for me finally. Just a few more weeks of craziness and I'll be home free (Lordwilling!).
Well lets get this randomness underway, shall we? First, some pictures.....

Now the rundown....

1. Passover was good. Preparations were stressful, but it went well in my opinion.. I found the Afikoman at our friend's Seder and I won a Trader Joes gift card! Suh-weet!

 2. Yesterday I was washing my car with my niece (age 5) and she said, "I love washing cars. It's the best thing of my life..." I wonder how long she will feel that way...

3. I'm starting a "Catch Up" List now that things seem to be winding down for me..

4. Top of that list? BLOG COMMENT FIESTA! Please expect a visit your way soon!


6. "Pero ay ay ay, como me duele!!!!" (Selena Q. song)

7. If I "owe" you something (a follow back, blog button, guest post, money, etc.), please let me know. I apologize for my oversight.

8. I'm in a perpetual state of needing a nap lately. Don't you hate that? I need some coffee!

9. Did I tell you guys my knee meat is 85% healed??? Sooo happy!

10. The Beloved Bird Print Giveaway is still open! Ends this week! Please enter soon! Fast! Go! Quickly!

Now my favorite part..

Tell me something random!


  1. It is super hilarious to me that your niece thinks that washing cars is the best thing in her life. Hopefully, she will still feel that way when she is old enough to do a good job of it on her own :)

  2. It doesn't appear you are following me yet unless I missed it. But something random for you... If you have 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies, you have $1.19. You also have the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar.

  3. yay for knee meat recovery!!

    i can relate to many on this list. i too am behind on my blog comments:) yours was one of the first i visited to catch up, and i'm glad i did:) off to enter the giveaway!!

  4. I know that Selena song! Glad your knee is healing up and glad to hear things may be slowing down for you soon. For some reason I can't think of anything random.....um....I have 4 loads of laundry to do today.

  5. Hi Janette! What a cute little post! It's nice to know you're feeling better. Just a little reminder to please follow my blog!


  6. Haha your awkward pose is amazing! Something random... I ate a handful of m&m's for breakfast this morning.

  7. I love that awkward pose picture. I have about a million of them but you are braver than me because I would never post mine. Yours are awkward, yet cool. Mine are just awkward.

    Glad your Passover celebrations went well. Yeah, the planning is always so stressful when it comes to parties but glad the pay off was worth it.

    Random thing? I am trying to be a grown up and do a budget. I've never had money problems but I thought it would be a sensible 'big girl' thing to do. Now I am realising that I spend far too much money :(

  8. Thanks for posting the link about the Afikoman! I had no idea what that was...but how cool!? :) I've just started my OWN blog comment fiesta. How I miss my blog reading (especially of your lovely space) when life gets busy! Glad to see that your knee is better!! :D

  9. haha your niece is funny. You mam, are the Queen of awkward poses.

  10. Random thought-I love the way the capital "Q" looks in the word Queen. Very cool and squiggly.


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