Random Rundown: "W" Edition

Welcome to another wacky weekly rendition of Random Rundown. Yup. I'm going to try to wholly devote myself to overusing the letter "W" today. Don't as why? Ask, why not?

1. Work has been wild... And there have been times when I've wanted to withdraw to the watercloset and weep cause of my waxing workload.

2. Wondering what I was waiting for in that picture? My mommy!! I made her get off to pick up a take-out order from our favorite restaurant.Why? Cause I'm daughter of the year. That's why! She comes walking up to my car carrying a whopper of a box...Senior citizen. Heavy box. Struggling. lol I felt horrible. No really. I did! I'm a bad person :-/

3. Weird cough going on right now.. Sans symptoms. Just a cough.

4. I'm wagering I'm going to have a wonderful Wednesday... Just sayin'. I get to hang out with one of my favorite women...Valery!

5. Was wishing for a long walk this weekend at a local park... Didn't happen.

Ok. That was a lot harder than I thought.. W's make me weary. Bahaha! Thank you soooo much for withstanding my wily ways... I'm so loopy sometimes. Seriously! Thanks!

Now tell me something random and use a W!


  1. I have a weird cough right now too!! No other symptoms - just a weird cough and an occasional weak/scratchy voice that makes me feel like a 13-yr old boy.

  2. I would have been way too lazy to go through and make every "w" bold, lol.

  3. LOL. I love this! I feel like the 'W' is vastly underappreciated as a letter. Coincidentally, my last name begins with a W!

  4. World Tourist day is observed on September 27.

  5. how bout WALLOW as in I will not wallow in self pity with my pelvic belt i have to wear?!! this is and was FUN hon, love it love you!!! hahahaha

  6. WOW Janette! Nice job. How long did that take you? Now for my random W fact; Woodchucks don't actually chuck wood. Their jaws are incapable of doing so.


  7. Congrats on all the w's I am impressed.

  8. Haha impressive! Fun challenge. :)


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