Random Rundown: Le Weekend Edition

Yo yo yo ! What's up? Hope you all had a funtastic weekend! My weekend felt short as per yooj. But I got a lot done at the same time... Here's a little jumble of images from Saturday night and Sunday...  Food and hair. (Story of my life.)

1. Friday I made Challah...from scratch...sans a bread maker. It was magical...A little dry, but magical nonetheless. Super bummed I didn't take a picture of it..Wah! Next time!

2. Does anyone else not really like the Spaghetti Factory? It's okay, but not my first restaurant of choice. Know what I mean?

3.On a baked potato kick lately. Can't go wrong with a warm, buttery spud! YES!

4. Got mah hurr done!

5. I got some subtle highlights all over... I'm convinced I look like Mandy Moore now. Sort of. Haha! NOT!

6. Huuuge thanks to my gal pal, Val! She's an amazing hair stylist and friend!

7. A friend at my congregation started a "Wives Club". It's basically a forum where women of faith of all ages can meet, discuss and exchange stories, questions, and issues pertaining to marriage. We had our second meeting this weekend. The topic was Sex & Intimacy in Marriage. It's kind of interesting being part of a group that is very forthcoming, yet modest and helpful about a topic that's rarely discussed in a religious group setting...Lots of tears, laughter, and learning!

8. We were encouraged to find a group of friends (2-3 individuals) who you can vent to and be completely honest with... I can only think of 1 person outside of my family (and besides Lovey) who I could be completely transparent with. (see # 6)  I think I have major trust issues :-/  Anyone else? Boo!

9. We had a super duper early birthday dinner party for Lovey Saturday night... Now I have to try to figure out what to do for his real birthday. Decisions. Decisions. Hmm...

10. What's with the crazy spring weather? 90s on Saturday, drops 20 degrees the next day. DUUUDE!

Now your turn! 
Tell me something random!!!


  1. i love love this list:) such sweet insights! and YAY for baked potatoes (and sweet friends you can vent to!)

    random for today: i had a meeting at 6:30 a.m. and burnt my tongue on hot coffee (aka FIRE WATER!)

  2. I love baked potatoes! Especially twice baked with lots of cheese and sour cream and bacon. Load me up on the carbs, please! Haha

    I do not have anyone outside of Evan that I tell everyone to. That's been weighing on my heart lately, as I'm sure Evan is just sick of hearing every.little.thing. But I have trust issues, too. I feel ya girl! I hope your wives club could be that place for you, or at least for some amazing friendships to form from it!

  3. I love baked potatoes too!! I often get on food kicks where I get major cravings for a particular food then only want to eat that for days at a time. Now you've got me craving baked potatoes (with a little dab of sour cream and some cheddar cheese ... mmmmm....).

    I'm kind of the same way as far as trust goes. I have one person (besides The Boyfriend) that I am completely and utterly 100% transparent with. We've been best friends for over 16 years and she knows me better than anyone else. But I have one or two other friends that I can be about 75-80% transparent with. I thought that was pretty good!!

  4. When I was little I LOVE old spaghetti factory because we could always get milk with our meals, and at my house we could only get water with our meals. "Dad, can I get lemonade?".."Deidre, is it your birthday?"... Every stinking time! But I do love their bread. So. this is random. But I thought it was incredibly interesting too. The three best-known western names in China: Jesus Christ, Richard Nixon, and Elvis Presley.

  5. I feel the same way about the Spaghetti Factory. Eh, it's ok. Also, where is the hair photo?

  6. I ADORE that fringe lamp. I'm still in bed; it's almost noon.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  7. Baked potatoes, yummy! Lovely list! I wanna see you with your highlights! xxx

  8. Oh man! I totally want a wive's club! I miss having a place like that to learn and share.
    Also I'm not sure anyone is cuter getting their hair done than you. Srsly.
    I'm soooo with you on the trust issues. It took everything in me to push the publish button on my blog today. for real!
    Is it random enough to say that I miss you? Probably not, but I'm going with it cause it's true.

  9. Um, why am I not seeing an "after" photo of your hair?! Hmmm?!


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