Puppy, yes. Puffy, no.

Some of my bloggy pals know that I celebrate mostly Jewish holidays. And with Passover just around the corner (tomorrow at sunset), I just wanted to mention a few things about it. Don't worry, I'm not going to get into a deep discussion about why I celebrate it. I did,  however, want to mention just 3 essentials that everyone should know. Why? Well, Lovey and I went to our local Target(s) to look for some seder plates, and nobody knew what Passover was. "You mean, Jewish Easter?" was the most "accurate" response we got from team members. I thought it was kind of sad. So here we go... 3 essentials I want to mention about Passover:

1. Passover is a recounting of God's miraculous deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt.

2. No leavened (yeast) bread is eaten for 7 days and all products with yeast are removed from the home. (If you see a "Last Supper" painting with puffy bread, that is inaccurate.)

3. The "Last Supper" of Yeshua (AKA Jesus) was actually Passover. He was not having His last meal, per se. He was celebrating a traditional Passover meal with His disciples.

Easy peasy cheesy squeezy, right? (How does that saying go? Haha!)  So yes, Lovey and I will be celebrating Passover on Friday, in our home with our fellow brethren and believers in Yeshua as Messiah (and along with Jews throughout the world). So if I've been flaky with the blog posting, now you know why! Lots and lots of preparing taking place..

For details about Passover, click here  or here


  1. I've totally heard the, "Jewish Easter" line before...at a Bible college. I was really confused, because I was going to go celebrate Passover with some fellow Jewish students (led by our Jewish prof.) and told someone about it. She said, "What is Passover again?? That's the Jewish Easter, right??" ... I wanted to ask, "Why are you even here??" (She was even in my Old Testament class....I was shocked.)

    The questions/statements made regarding being Jewish, etc. get uber crazy....

    Did you know since I am a "Messianic Jew" I am half-Christian?!? Yes, that is an actual phrase I've heard...hahaha. Oh gosh.

  2. Wait. What? Where do you live? Did they have any Seder plates? Our Target has Channukah stuff but I've never looked for Passover things so I don't know if they do.

    Oy!! Chag Sameach.

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  3. When I was in Seminary for the LDS church in High School we would have Passover day where we learned about it and had our own passover meal. :) It was always so fun. i can't believe more people don't know about it!

  4. Love this and the tradition of it , so glad you posted about it...I make a passover apple salad every year for Easter...

    the history too is so fascinating isn' tit...the last supper was PASSOVER i love knowing that and learning even from a historical view point, AW...I read up to Him being handed over to be crucified today, and tonight or in the morning I'll finish the rest of the beautifully tragic story...

  5. I learn most things from the TV and people are always talking about Passover on there! I even remember a Rugrats (woo the 90s!!) episode where they re-enacted the Bible story regarding the Passover.

    I too find it kind of sad that people are so unknowledgable about other people's religions and beliefs. And I loved your "puppy, not puffy" annotation to the picture!

    Happy Passover and Easter!

  6. Lol I love the helpful illustration! :)


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