Bahhh! I lost my images for today's post. Quite bummed. I accidentally put them in my recycle bin and emptied it. WHHHYYYYYY???? Booo!

 Are you frustrated with something today????


  1. I am frustrated with Instagram lies. It was finally released for droid this morning but even though it promised to be "even better" than the iPhone version (direct quote from the head honcho), it's actually worse! Some of the features on the iPhone version aren't available yet for droid users. Hopefully they're coming soon but, considering how long we've waited, you'd think it'd be all ready to go on the actual release date!

  2. oh no! that would make me so mad!! Today I'm frustrated that I'm on spring break, but mr. brilliant is sick :(

  3. OH NO! That is the worst! :( Sorry Janette! I'm frustrated today because I'm surfing the Crimson wave...isn't that what Cher said in Clueless? Ha.

  4. Aw man!! :( I'm sure I would be so mad that smoke would be flaring out of my nose and ears!!! Today, I was so frustrated when I found out this army of ants stormed into our Kitchen Aid mixer!! I had to mix everything with a whisk! So much time wasted!!! :(


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