Yumz in the Tumz!

Feliz Friday friends!  Well.. it's been one of those weeks! I'm a little overwhelmed by it all, but that's okay. God is good. Just trucking along.. Anywho.. Today, I wanted it to be a "things that make my tummy happy" day around here... Cause I need a pick me up... And I really think that you may like some of this stuff too...
So what's your weekend looking like? Any fun plans?


  1. I have only ever had one teeny tiny single curdle of cottage cheese and I basically took it like you'd take a pill and chased it with 6 glasses of water. I was 10. Ha. It is weird. Is it good? Obviously you think so, but can I trust the taste of someone who likes tongue? Hmmmmmm.... =]

    However. The chai and smoothie look SO good! I have not had chai in forever. If it cools off I'll make it for sure! Or may ice it and have it anyway!

    Happy weekend girl! Hope it's fabulous!

  2. Janette you sweet lady, I'm so sorry you've had a rough week....be good to yourself...

    I love what makes your tummy happy :)
    gonna make that smoothie, and creative apple treat! healthy too!

  3. Im'ahaveta try that smoothie recipe! :)

  4. that smoothie looks amazing! no fun plans this weekend...just work. someone needs to bring home the bacon!

  5. ooo love all of these...its raining so much in california right now, the vanilla chai tea sounds perfect :0)

  6. Oooh the smoothie recipe sounds delish! You have a lovely blog...thanks for visiting mine :)

  7. That chai looks amazing. Definitely making that today! The smoothie too! Thanks for the great ideas! xoxo

  8. Listen sister. Decaff? Decaff.........................................


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