Spring Must-Dos

Well, somehow I forgot about the first day of spring...But it's okay.. It's a day that's best forgotten...I fell rollerblading home from work Boo! :-|  Dumb rollerblades! The clasp broke, my foot came out of the skate and I landed on my right knee, skidded to halt, and tore my jeans. Yup. My knee meat does not look good. More like shredded turkey in some parts (Gross!) I just wanted my mommy after that. Instead I got home to an angry Lovey (like it's my fault my skate broke??) that kept telling me that I needed to stop being a hero. LAUGH OUT LOUD! That's sounds sooo funny now. But last night it wasn't so much....

Oh well.. All is better.. Anywho. Back to the subject of spring!!! Here is my Must Do list...and also my Winter "Done" List....

And now for spring!

What's your #1 Spring Must-Do?


  1. I'm sorry you fell and hurt your knee. I can understand wanting your mommy after a fall like that.

    How does one find an on-line writing job?

    My spring to do list? I don't really have a list, per se, but I do have a to-do....get finished with the semester. Actually that is my to-do for summer too. I have a huge "after I'm done and before I go to work" to-do list.

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  2. 1. Catch up on filing. It is seriously out of control.
    2. Clean out my (cough, four, cough) email inboxes. I'm like a digital hoarder.
    3. Make more meals at home.
    4. Downsize my closet.
    5. Finish my PhD coursework.

    Love your list, as always!

  3. i don't have a list.i'll say my main #1 will be re-painting our living, dinning and kitchen hopefully before summer.


  4. This is such an awesome idea! I am definitely going to do a post like this. I shall link you when I do!

  5. made a list of all the foodie type things i hope to do this spring..
    sorry you fell on your roller blades. its the worst feeling. especially when your clothing suffers too. :(

  6. yes from the sounds of it you will be needing new rollerblades, OH NO! So glad you are OK...

    cute adorable lists, I love your winter one, and your new one! Knowing you you will accomplish it:)

  7. Love these! I'm so surprised you still haven't found a red plaid shirt! If I ever get sick of mine I'll send it your way!

  8. I love this idea--my #1 spring must do is probably to relax and enjoy more--me stressed is not the most fun person to be around.

  9. So many nice goals! I really need to clean up my craft room. I get it clean for a week and then it's trashed again. LAME!

  10. Hey janette! DId you get my email???

  11. I love your seasonal lists! (and lists in general) My list would include creating a gallery wall in our apartment, go out of town somewhere out of town with the husband, and check out some food places on my "to visit" list in San Diego.

  12. I haven't made a spring to-do list yet. But you should totally buy new rollarblades! I have a pair and love it!

  13. Great to do list! I just came across your blog and I quite love it ;)

  14. I love this lists! I feel totally inspired. My #1 thing on my spring list is to graduate college! :)


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