Random Rundown

1. Took my pupster, Goli, to get a rabies shot this past week and she went bezerk at the vet. Poor little thing. She peepeed & poopood all over cause she was so scared :-( And she got angry when the vet tried to hold her paw.

2. I'm on a beet-veggie-fruit smoothie kick recently... Reminds me of my dad. He used to make a papaya, cactus, orange concoction (all home-grown) when I was younger. It was kind of nasty. But I had to drink it cause I was so grateful he made it for me.

3. Okay...So I posted this pic on IG earlier this week and ya'll were dismayed. Why? Well those are cow-tongue tacos. Yup. COW-TONGUE!  Have you had them? They're delicious and taste like steak tacos... Seriously. I bet you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference...

4. Smurfs straw: Best happy meal toy ever!


6. Red lipstick is an instant pick-me-up...Except when it gets all over my chin. Does that only happen to people with big lips????!!

7.  More work!

Now your turn! Tell me something random!!! 


  1. loving your red lips and i heard cow tongue is supposed to be super delicious! xxx

  2. I saw that nastiness on IG and ignored it because EW. Haha jk =] I've eaten tons of weird crap, including goat tongue (on accident) and it was horrid. Chewy. With tongue texture. So.....yeah.

    So sad your pup freaked her freak at the vet! I hate the vet and it breaks my heart when animals are so scared. =[

  3. haha no matter what it tasted like, I could not eat that cow tongue. No siree.

  4. I used to have tongue sandwiches when I was a child and I loved it--I didn't realise it was really tongue for years I just thought everyone was joking with me--I was so cynical even as a child!

  5. Something random...

    Speaking of tongue, I've had stitches in mine. Thank GOD I was too young when it happened to remember any of it. But from what I've heard, it was bad. Like, my tongue kind of resembled meatloaf.

  6. I'm not sure about cow tongues in my food. I think I would only eat it if I wasn't told what it was first.

  7. I want to get into juicing!

    And honestly, cow tongue tastes just like regular steak.

  8. Oh my, I love love love the name of your POOCH, awww, poor thing pee'd and pooped, seriously? doesn't like shots I see....:(

    I just can't do beets girl, so I give you props!!!

  9. WEll, maybe they are better juiced/smoothy'd???

  10. yay for dad's who eat healthy! we want 'em here with us as long as possible right? :)

    i've had cow tongue before! i was little and kind of scared by it...but i'd try it again. i love me some tacos :)

    um. hello. sexy. lips. :) And what about getting red lipstick it on your chin AND teeth at the same time...yep, i was that bad. lol

    and my turn to throw out a random bit for ya...saturday morning we're having a pj party for my son's 2nd birthday and we're having a waffle bar :) i'm kind of reeeeeeaally excited about it :)

  11. 1. Awww, poor bebe :( 3. Cow tongue tacos are yummy! There's this taqueria right by my house that makes the most delicious ones! Maybe if you call it tacos de lengua people won't be so turned off lol

  12. I saw #3 on instagram and I am not going to lie... it didn't sound very good. But you need to tell me what it's like so if I ever have the chance I might actually want to try it. However if I didn't know the kind of tacos those were I would say they look soooooooooooooooooooooo good! #6 you are gorgeous as always! #1 I am glad you care enough about her health to get her shots! However I feel so bad it was so traumatic for her. #4 is BRILLIANT!!! And I agree... now I want one too!


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