Random Rundown: Happy Monday!

1. Woops I spelled Zereshk Polo wrong. I spelled "polo" the Spanish way... But how's a Mexican supposed to know the difference???

2, I asked my baby niece (2 yrs old) if she could say "Zereshk Polo" for me. She replied, "I can't say dat. Is bad word."  Teehee!

3. Well, my pimple is subsiding... The stress is not. Boo.

4. Weekend was a blur as per yooj.

5. Sooooo much to do the next few weeks! (Concert, birthdays, Passover dinners, photo shoots)


7. I rollerbladed to work this morning cause my car wouldn't start. Boo...

8.  I can still skate like a boss...


10.Wish I was home, eating breakfast, and catching up on blogs! Miss you guys!

Now your turn! Tell me something random!


  1. You are the coolest! You rollarbladed to work?! Omg. I need to dig mine up. I am so terrible. Because I'm an ice skater. And I just can't cross over very well. Hahaha

    You're pimple is not the mother of all. You should see my face. Luckily I have bangs to hide them. Unless theY sneak on my chin or something. Stupid stress. Haha

  2. I want that chocolate chip challah bread right now! By "eh" do you mean you didn't really like Five Guys? Because I felt the same way. I'd rather have In N Out!!

  3. I love the fact that you bladed to work! That's so retro! :) I burnt my cheek with my hair straighteners this weekend and now I have a small blister that looks like a spot... eekk!

  4. The weekend was a blur for me too--i need another weekend to get over it. I am sick of packing and am running out of boxes. And I yawned and split my lip and it won't heal so annoying. Bet you are so glad you asked for something random.

  5. I love that you pulled out the rollerblades to get to work. I don't think I have seen someone on rollerblades around here for years!

  6. Holy COW! You rollerbladed to work? You are such a Bad A**. Excuse my language, but that situation calls for it. I probably couldn't rollerblade down the driveway. ;) You are awesome.

    p.s. I had a huge pimple last week, too! What is the deal? Last time I checked I wasn't 14. :P

  7. Is five guys not good? I've wanted to try it for a while but haven't had the chance to yet. As for something random for me- I used to think that I didn't like mustard but as I get older, I find that I do. Crazy!



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