Photo Femme: Laura Nelson

Unfortunately it's been waaaaay too long since I last tagged another Photo Femme to interview, but thankfully I've got a glorious photographer lined up for you today. Laura Nelson of Polaroids and Kisses graciously accepted my request to poke around her camera bag (figuratively speaking of course!) So lets get started shall we?

 Alright Ms. Laura, lets get to the nitty-gritty (said in a Nacho Libre accent).What kind of camera & lens(es) do you use? 
I have a lovely Kelly Moore bag & I adore it! Inside I have my Canon 7D, 80 mm 1.8 & 50mm 1.4
What photo editing software (if any) do you use? And what are your go-to actions? 
I use mostly Lighroom 3, but am sloooooly learning photoshop skills. :) has awesome online classes! I love Totally Rad actions & Red Leaf studios film actions, they are absolutely stunning!
Do you have any weird quirks when it comes to photography or the editing process? Me? I always have to drink a hot beverage and listen to some music when I edit my pictures. It’s tradition. 
 I always have a cup of tea & my Bon Iver pandora station is usually on! I also love to listen to creative live sometimes while I edit. They have amazing FREE live classes taught by photographers.
Are you a veteran photographer or a naturally talented novice? (How long have you been shooting?)
 I started getting into photography a few years ago, but have been professionally shooting for two years. 
Can you tell us briefly how your photography business was birthed?
 I have always been a sentimental person, always reminiscing:) Childhood photos & pictures of my parents when they were young and in love make me feel so much emotion and Im so thankful for those memories to look back on. I long to create those kind of tangible memories for others to always have and cherish forever. :) My husband bought me my first camera a few years ago and I've been captivated ever since!
What are your top 3 “if-money-were-no-object” items on your photo wish list?  
A contax 645, I really would love to shoot with film someday!!!! Canon 80 mm 1.2 and a lifetime supply of polaroid film :)

Do you have any favorite and inspiring photographers you’d like to share with us?
 There are too many to list! One of my favorites would have to be my sweet and talented friend Amanda K. She is incredibly talented, humble and inspiring....and of course I love Jose Villa, Meg Borders, Tec Petaja, Ozzy Garcia, KT Merry...I could go on and on :)
A lot of photographers hate having their picture taken, are you camera shy when it’s your turn in front of the camera? 
Not at all! I love it! Me and Billy are always doing self portraits together :)
And now to add to the furious and endless debate…. Canon or Nikon?
 Canon, only because that is all I have ever known. I haven't really researched much about Nikon, but I do love my Canon :)
Thank you for having me Janette! 
xoxo, Laura

Thank you sooo sooo much for allowing me to pick your brain, Laura! Seriously grateful!

Aren't her images so romantic and magical!???? I'm smitten! If you are too and would like to find more of Laura's work and life, head here:

Photography Site:
Photography Blog: 


  1. What beautiful photography! I love the use of sun light in the last few pictures!

  2. Thank you Janette! It was an honor to be featured on your sweet blog :)

  3. Beautiful photography wow! Thanks Janette for sharing this. Such a fun interview to read. Gonna go check out Laura's blog now...

  4. Great interview! I love Laura's blog!


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