Memory Lane: Knott's Berry Farm

I'm gonna cheat and say that this is a Memory Lane post... Why? Well, I sort of forgot to post about my Knott's Berry Farm adventure from January (or was it February??)... And these collages (made a while ago) need to be memorialized cause it was quite a magical day.

This fun excursion was a last minute decision and I ended up going without Lovey (who was working). I know they're not pictured, but I swear my sister and her kiddos and my brother and his wife went with me. And from what I remember of the day, we started out the morning going on crazy rides...One right after the other. No lines! After a few hours of that, my brain was scrambled and even looking at anything in motion made me dizzy...I'm glad I wasn't the only weakling of the bunch..And I'm also glad I didn't puke like my sister-in-law.  Pretty much all the adults felt the after effects of the rides by noon. So we opted to entertain ourselves with food, shows, and the cheesy train ride for the remainder of the day. The kids on the other hand, went on all the rides for a second time and rode Ghost Rider 8 times in a row... Crazy kids!

It was such a memorable day. Yup! And the best part was probably trying to squeeze everyone into a photo booth for a group picture (9 people!) Wish I had the digital file of that to share.... It was too greattt! NO wait! The best part was taking pictures with Snoopy and having his bodyguard tell us we were hugging him too hard. But we couldn't help ourselves! He was just the cutest! Ahh! Such good memories! Good times! Good times!


  1. I went to Knotts Berry Farm a lot when I was younger, and your pictures brought back so many good memories. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I am glad you got in trouble for hugging snoopy too hard. That is awesome!

  2. Oh! knotts berry farm is the best! I have some amazing memories from there too! me and my three brothers (without parents) went there when I was ten. Best day ever!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful place, just my thing! Lots of rides and yummy food. :)

    And I have a question: I am looking since FOREVER for the outlined font that you wrote "Fudge-dipped apples" with, but I have NO idea what it is called. Could you maybe tell me the name??

  4. Those fudge dipped apples look amazing!

    Well done with all the rides--I am rubbish with rides so I am really impressed :)

  5. Looks fantastic! I bet you felt sick after that ride...but it really looks awesome! Happy weekend xxx

  6. awe, i'm glad you brought this blast from the not-so-long-ago past back. i LOVE KBF and have such awesome memories going as a kiddo. looks like you guys had tons of fun too, who wouldn't, it's a magical place for sure!! chocolate dipped licorice? omg, that sounds ahhh-mazing.

    hope you're having a great weekend lades, it's been a while so i'm catching up and waving ello from afar. xo ♥

  7. I love Knott's!!! And their food! YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!! Those apples look so good... I want the Charley Brown one! Do you like their funnel cakes? Have you done the Knott's Scary Farm during Halloween? I think they change the name every year. I am so jealous! I looooooooooooove that place!! Did I ever tell you I lived in So Cal for a while and I was actually born there and lived there until I was 6.

  8. I love Knott's Berry! I went there for the first time two years ago when I was visiting Southern California. My favorite ride was definitely the Xcelerator! I wish I could go back but it will probably be awhile before I make it back to that side of the country haha.

  9. I'm starting to think that everyone else can jump higher than me lol.
    Great pics, looks like a fun place!

  10. omg. Gimme one of those fudge apples. YUM.

    I love amusement parks. Minus the crazy rides. My tummy can't handle them. :(

    I'm so glad you finally shared these. I have been waiting to see this knott's Berry Farm you speak of. ;) looks like a blast.

    p.s. I feel like I've been missing out on commenting on your posts for, like, a month. :( Please forgive me for being a bad bloggy friend. :( Things have been crazy here lately. Please forgive?

    p.s.s. Have a HAPPY WEEK ahead, my friend! xo


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