Lovelinks: "This makes my Monday better" Edition

This whole daylight savings time is doing nothing for my mood right now! Arrgghh! I'm so tired. When I finally woke up for work I sat on my couch for about 2 minutes and daydreamed of what I would do if I had the day off. And I decided I'd do a whole lot of nothing. Doesn't that sound perfect right now?

Anywho! Instead of daydreaming, here's some linkies that make me feel a little better on this mucky Monday... Enjoy!
1. This is me everyday!!!! (source)
 2. I love this delicate bracelet.
3. You know I loooove Chai Tea, but what do you guys think about Chai Tea S'mores?
4.I unintentionally rocked a top knot to church this weekend and it was a hit. Bahaha!
5. Have I mentioned my fake birthday is coming up? (source)
6. You know what I could go for? A brown animal print tie. I think that would look fantastic with this ensemble. But that's just me...
7. Why do I have such trouble committing to putting up wall art????? I've got so many ideas floating around in my head...
8. So that's why this happens!!!
9. This wouldn't look nice on my black laptop, but I think it's lovely anyhow..

10. I need a skateboard too. (source)
How do you make your mucky Mondays better????


  1. I pinned the picture with the pictures too. I'm trying to find inspiration for my living room. It' so hard! Thanks for the links!

    - Sarah

  2. This is how I make myself get out of bed almost every morning: "self, I promise you can take a nap after work." and I never, ever do, but the prospect of that gets me up. Hahaha I'm weird.

    I want a turtle! That's the cutest thing I've ever seen! And don't be afraid to put wall art up! You can always take it down of you don't like it! =] this might be a no brainier, but I like to arrange it on the floor first. That's helped me not get so anxious and put everything up in random disarray.

  3. thats why cupcakes fall?! just opened my eyes to a new world haha. thanks!

  4. Oh my gosh, FUN! I love that bracelet too, and I can totally see you rockin that bun, gorgeous I bet! Hilarious about the cupcakes, tooooootallyyyy

  5. Yep! That's how tired I am! NEED.NAP.NOW!
    And I have to try that cupcake thing!

  6. I think I need permanent naps at the moment--so sleepy.

    And that is why my cakes are so hard to ice!

    And that tortoise looks how I feel today ;)

  7. I love all of these. Especially the cupcake trick! So great!


  8. cute post! all your links really make the day a little brighter! i'm loving your blog too... if you enjoy mine i'd love to follow each other!

    xo's, vanessa


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