Janette +Lovey's Coworkers = Awkward!

It's the weekend again... And I'm finally taking a breather and blogging about last weekend. What. A. Week! I've been completely overwhelmed and have felt every single range of emotion the last few days. I think that's why I have the mother of all pimples on my cheek (if you follow me on IG you've seen the monstrosity firsthand). Anywho. Lets rewind to last Sunday...

Lovey and his coworkers were meeting at a local dive bar to support their friend who's in a band. Usually, when Lovey goes out with his coworkers I stay behind. I'm shy of strangers in large numbers. I used to have major complexes about being in social situations like this. Thankfully, the Lord has helped me overcome a lot of that, but I still feel a little awkward at times. The worst thing for me is when the other person is the quiet type and I have to keep the conversation going. Or asking a question that isn't heard or answered, even though you're pretty sure the whole room heard you (except the person you were asking of course!).

So Sunday night I sucked it up, smiled, attempted conversations, even made a few jokes.... I thought I did swell, first rate, etc. etc.... However, on the drive home Lovey said I came across as rude cause I kept playing with my phone a lot. Guh-rate! What's a girl supposed to do when all the conversations involve their workplace and long- standing inside jokes?!!????!! Update their Draw Something games is what! Oh well, at least I got to spend some time with Lovey. Beating him at pool and whatnot...

Happy Weekend Friends!

PS. Thanks so much for your kind from yesterday's post about my uncle... You guys are such prettypies! My heart swells. Thank you!


  1. I have major social anxiety. So I get you. I hide behind my phone and if people think that's rude or whatever, then maybe they should start the conversation. I am on your side here, lady! Haha also, super awkward when the whole "pretend to not hear you" thing goes down. Im always mistaken for a 12-year-old girl, so I'm fully aware of these awkward situations you speak of.

  2. i'm the same way! I prefer hanging out with just a few people, not people in large numbers especially when I don't know them! I absolutely loathe it. We should unite all the people who are like us and maybe it won't be so bad? haha glad you got to spend time with your husband anyways!

  3. This cracks me up! You are so stinkin' adorable!

  4. I have some social anxiety issues too and I've been in similar situations. It's a lot of pressure when you feel like you have to keep conversations going, especially with people you don't know very well. But if you ask me, the people on the "inside" should be doing what they can to make YOU feel welcome and part of the group. Otherwise, I don't think they can do anything but expect you to spend time on your phone :)

  5. Seriously though... I am with you. When there are some people who don't care to involve you in their conversations what the H do you do? I have had this experience where I try and try and try to talk and they don't even make eye contact, or every question is ask is a one word answer... OR they don't reciprocate the conversation by asking you questions in return= they are not engaged AT ALL and then I give up and revert to my phone as my only friend, like I have had it since birth or something... because apparently that is the truth at that exact moment! Then to top it off the only person in the room you do know is the person you happen to be completely head over heels for, so you don't want to take him away from their friends or cling to him or make him like your "Paris Hilton dog in a bag" kind of thing! It is such a catch 22!!! In order to not be in awkward situations people have to too not be awkward!

    But in reality, you weren't being rude... maybe those people weren't being considerate enough to involve you in your life! Right? MAYBE!!!

  6. Oh no I don't think you were rude at all, I completely aunderstand you and would have played with my phone as well! There's nothing more boring than when you're in a group of people that talk about their workplace that you're not a part of. And I totally relate to the thing about asking a question that doesn't get answered, it's so annoying and awkward!! I just usually say something like "he/she's not listening to me, never mind" lol!

  7. I hate the popel who don't say anything when you ask them questions and are trying to start a conversation or they just nod. Why don't they answer? And it makes things so awkward and then I worry I am boring them.

    Also social events with my husband's work people seem to make over analyse everything afterwards a million times--like I still worry his boss thought I was rude to her.

  8. Oh man! So awkward! Trust me. I would have been glues to my phone too. It stinks when you have no idea what others are talking about!

  9. Aw so sorry about that. I feel anxious in social settings too when I don't know most people. :(


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