Dear Draw Something App Developers, (DSAP for short)

This app takes the cake guys! I'm really pleased with the concept of Pictionary between two players with no timing involved. Seriously... it's genius! The creator should get like a billion dollars before the end of the day. Anywho, I've included my favorite drawings below, cause I think they're quite spectacular (although these put mine to shame.) However, there  is more to this letter than just showing off my mad drawing skills. (Is my "fart" fantastic, or what??) I would like to posit suggestions that I think will make this game less frustrating overall... (scroll below masterpieces)

-Sometimes your friend draws something that's mind-blowing and I have to login to FB or Twitter just to tell them. That's unacceptable.

-It's really lame that you shop for "bombs", "new words", and "more colors" in different frames or windows or whatever you call it. The shop should have all these things in ONE place.

-This is probably impossible, but here it goes anyway. They should develop parameters that ensure that words being guessed between mutual friends or otherwise are not duplicated or repeated. Sometimes I guess the correct answer, not based on the drawing, but because I've seen it as one of the optional words or another friend has played that particular word. I'm sure this requires some highly technical logarithms and coding, but it's possible.... Right???


- Sometimes I don't understand the drawing or I'm distracted as I'm watching my partner's video. There should be an option of replaying it.

-Currently the drawing brushes are varying sized circles. I wish there was a square brush. It's really hard to make windows on my "airport" with a circle brush...

6. ADS
-I don't mind the ads but can you not instantly play the sound on ad videos??? It wakes my husband at 12:30AM when I'm trying to be all stealth-like and pretend to be sleeping and not playing.... Also if you could include a "Skip" option on EVERY add I'd be grateful.

-One time I had about 10 games going and there were no moves for about 6 hours. I knew something was fishy so I restarted my phone. Sure enough, my game server had timed out or the games were not refreshing. Sometimes it still does this and I restart my phone just in case. Take a clue from Words with Friends and have an "Updating Games" message on each startup.

-There should be an option where I can see my profile, my stats, and my USERNAME! I still have NOOO idea what my username is. I make people search me via email (jjdaneshmand[at]yahoo[dot]com) or Facebook. 

-A few more words, no ads, and 400 bonus coins!!? For me, that's not tempting enough to purchase. Include more colors and or 4,000 bonus coins and then I might consider this...I'd even pay $2.99  if I got all that.

-Are there official rules somewhere? (I don't expect people to abide by them...) But sometimes I think people write out too many hints. Arrows pointing at certain things are fine..But actual words defeat the purpose...Dontcha think? Can we make an official rule book???

Thank you for your consideration and time...

A fan,

Do you play? 
What's suggestions do you have?
 And most importantly, what's your USERNAME!!!!????


  1. Um so at first when I signed in on this, the facebook sign in option was down. So I created an account with my email. Problem is, then FB came back up, and I signed in and have like 15 games on that one. SO we need to definitely start a new game with my fb account. I'll find you again haha.

  2. Amen sista! The repeat words are ridic. I get the same 5 words over and over. My game freezes all the time and there isn't a good "submit problem" area like WWF. Take a hint, game! Also, those ads that make you watch the entire trailer before you can skip it? Unnecessary. That does the opposite of make me want to check that product out. Anyway! Add me! riss.ii

  3. Totally agree! I keep seeing the same words over and over! And i quit with people who just write out the answer.

  4. egads this game is so awesome!! i love it, even though im beyond a terrible drawer (i blame it on my lefthandedness.)

    username: cheersbethani

    and seriously who knows how to draw tupac? lol

  5. I actually did "upgrade" to the paid version, and the word repeats happen a lot less often (though they still do...but i think that is because I have like 20 games going...haha!) And I LOVE not having the ads.

    But I totally second most of your suggestions. A chat option is totally necessary...most "social" games have them, so why doesn't this?!

    And can't you see/change your username from the settings menu? I set up my account using my FB info, but then made a username by going to settings...

  6. I love the Star Wars one! I have a DROID and I'm not sure if it is available for me or not. I should check the market, because it looks like fun!

  7. Your star wars drawing is genious! I tried ti download that game but it didn't work on my phone, boooo!

  8. Totally agree with the replay button! gosh i dont know my username. but if you can search by email mine is christi.brazee@gmail.com you should find me!! i would love to play with you haha

  9. WAAAAAIIITTTT! stop the boat. WHY are we not playing this? It has taken over my life and I have all but forgotten our match on WWF. :( But How can I not be obsessed with the awesomeness of this game. Eeeeeee!! Your drawings are amazing. Especially star wars. whoa. Let's start a match. I know it will be quite entertaining. ;) I'm hotchild. xoxoxo

  10. p.s. I am a stealth player, too. Bedtime is the best time to play...sleeping hubbies be warned. ;)

  11. wow, need to get this one, brilliant!


  12. i've heard so much about this one but haven't given in! i feel like it's just one more thing to steal my time! ha.


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