Week via Kodak

So you all know how I love taking pictures right? But I'm always complaining about how heavy my dSLR is... And whining about how I'd take more pictures if I had a smaller camera. Well, I finally purchased this Kodak Easy Share and it has made all  the difference! So why did I get another, seemingly superfluous gadget???Don't you have an iPhone Janette? Isn't that enough? Well, yes and yes. But this venture has a fourfold objective. And here it is: 

1. I want people to know that you can take good pictures with just about any camera ($50 bucks baby!) Really! You can!

2. I want to take more pictures to cultivate and nurture my artistic eye. I think shooting unique and artsy pictures takes practice, just like anything else. And this camera allows for stealthy and quick captures when I'm feeling creative.

3. I want better quality images than my iPhone can offer without the bulkiness of my dSLR.

4. I want to capture more of my every day life. I'm a historian at heart and I want to remember the everyday stuff and not just milestones. Savvy?

So here is last week!

So did all of you have a nice weekend watching the game and whatnot?


  1. I love that it's orange. That's reason enough to buy it. =]

  2. I'm glad you got one! Hope you enjoy it a lot! I know I'm going to love seeing your day to day pics!

  3. yay for fabulous pictures! i'm still shooting with an old sony point and shoot, and it's challenging to say the least:) i'm glad at least one of us has a snazzy dslr! hope your weekend was beautiful:) i fell asleep for a majority of the game but woke up in time for halftime and the commercials:)

  4. Yay for the new camera! I'd like to get one some day. I love taking pictures of my daily life to help me remember what I did.

    This weekend I went to two Super Bowl parties, but wasn't really interested in game. Ate a lot of food, and caught up with friends and family :)

  5. How funny! I always say if I had an iPhone then I'd take more pictures :) That's such a great idea to have a point and shoot in the ourselves at all times, and the dSLR for the special times!


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