Random Rundown

You know how this works by now? Right? First the random pictures....
And now the random rundown.....

1. I lost my headphones. Boo.

2. I wanna have a dance party with Lovey...Just me and him....Number one on the playlist? Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by The Platters (??).

3. Number 2? I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow.

4. I watched You Again, again. Kristen Bell is a peach!

5. I tried to wake up early to Skype with my friend who is in the UK...I opened my eyes for about 20 seconds and went back to sleep. I'm such a bad friend.

6. Blogscar winners announced this weekend!!! Weeee! (I tallied up the votes...and I know who the winners are! YAY!

7. If you really want to know if you won a Blogscar, I am now accepting bribes and or strawberry cupcakes. (Offer ends Saturday 9PM PST)

8. Soooo much to do this weekend...I'm planning on preparing for it tonight! Seriously! Anyone else like that?

9. I bought a mini sketchbook! Yay! And after the excitement wore off I realized I already have a sketch book. Boo...

10. Considering taking a painting class.

Now YOUR turn!
 Tell me something random!
If you don't you're a bad person.

Happy Thursday my lovely noodles and friends,


  1. I just had some strawberries...very random! haha
    Love your braids! xxx

  2. those braids are amazing!!! i love kristen bell.

  3. I spilled pickle juice on myself. ...you look great!

  4. I love your braided hair! Evan and I have dance parties in the kitchen weekly. Just turn up the tunes and rock out. Mostly consists of me jumping around and him laughing. That's still dancing right?

  5. paint classes! how cool. you should definitely do it. something random for me...i'm chopping my hair off tomorrow at 1! haha! so excited! long hair takes too much work.

  6. ugh i love "i shall believe" - and your pictures are too fun!

  7. I love Kristen Bell in that movie! I think she plays such a cute underdog and you totally love her. Great movie!

  8. this list is so fun and so YOU:) and yay for two sketchbooks! a girl can always use a backup:) excited about the blogscars reveal! xoxo

  9. I loved "You, Again"! Love Betty White too!
    You should definitely take that painting class! I love your work already!

    Random: Recieved the best compliment of my life last night about my photography. I actually started crying.

  10. I will totally come with you to painting class...and I just told my man that we need to have a dance party pronto!

    <3 Cambria

  11. Hmmm something random? I'm eating leftover Thai food. The husband (love saying that!) took me to his favorite spot up here last night. :)

  12. Dance parties are a must. My number one song pick right now would be..."Get Me Away from Here, I'm Dying" by Belle and Sebastian.

    Something random...I'm watching Charlie Chaplin movies this weekend and I get to call it research. How cool is THAT?

  13. I want to have a dance party too! I am OCD with your braid hair do! bahahhahaha I love that you realized you already had a sketch book, I totally know that feeling of excitement that gets bursted with the fact of reality.


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