Isn't it just the most exciting thing ever when a friend gets married!!!?!! Eeeeee! Well my bloggy pal and prettypie, Cara-Mia got hitched over the weekend and asked if I could share something on her blog about marriage and amore while she's off on her honeymoon. So that's what I did! Click here to get transported to Cara-Mia's blog, I Typed For Miles. I'm sharing 5 Tips For A Better Marriage...cause you know...I'm an expert on that ;-)

So head on over there prettypals...Oh yeah! And one more thing!

A BIIIIG CONGRATULATIONS to Cara-Mia and her husband, Brian. Wishing these lovebirds many blessings on their future!


  1. Loved the post, Janette!!! AND I LOVE THE NEW HEADER! It says "say it with a french accent! HOORAY! :D

    So happy for Brian and Cara-Mia...they're the cutest. :)

  2. Is her name really Cara-Mia?! Love it! :)

    Happy V Day! :)

  3. loved the post! thank you for sharing God's thoughts on marriage!

  4. Awww how sweet! I love the new blog design and that little wedding dress and grooms outfit! So cute!

  5. I day dream about wedding a lot . White dress with pretty laces, a long walk in the isle, flowers everywhere and whole nine yard! hmmm.... maybe someday!

    btw... nice new blog design, i like it! XO

  6. oh girl, i am so outta the loop and didn't even know this amazing wedding happened, totally gonna check out the love going on and it's happiness to be turned onto this via you! must investigate further......... xo ♥

  7. Thank you yet again Jeanette. I loved your post. And I dig this graphic thingy you made, as always. :D


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