So most of you are aware that I'm a photographer by night, so to speak...Right? I love taking pictures... I do. I doooo! Want to know how it all began? Please click on over to Amy's blog, Amylouwho to read about my photographic journey. Yup! It's quite interesting and involves Cheetoes. If that didn't just pique your interest then I'd check your pulse ;-)

I'm rocking the guest posts lately!! Please check out the one I did earlier this week over at Cara-Mia's blog (I Typed for Miles). I shared 5 Tips For a Better Marriage cause sometimes I like to pretend I'm Dr. Phil...But Mexican and better looking. Bahaha!


  1. Thank you for the comment on my ratty post! You should totally get some! Definitely more than one though because they get lonely!

  2. Hi Janette! I'm terribly sorry for missing your blogscars & for being MIA for a long time. My new role at work is really crazy. Let's just say I work with a very distinguished woman, who just retired as the Chief Judge of my beloved state. So you can imagine her crazy schedule & work load which trickle's down to me. Not complaining since I love litigation & the law, but I do miss the blogworld & fashion, ofcourse.

    I was really touched by your guest post on Cara Mia's blog (5 Tips For a Better Marriage). Lately because of pressure from work & just life in general, hubby & I had our rough patch, but I think we're going to pull through. Your tips really reminded me of how important my marriage is to me & to never give up. You are indeed a wise woman and Dr. has nothing on you. You should seriously have your own Dear Janette column ;)

    Hope all is well in SoCal mon amie and thank you always for brightening my day with your sweet & funny comments.

    Have a great weekend! Hugs


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  3. holy guest post sensations!!! gonna click on over for sure, love to read more about your photographic insights. xo ♥

  4. Hey :) I read your guest post on AmyLouWho & it reminded me of my own photography story. I like the stories I saw. Do you have your photography anywhere else? {And thanks for following!}

    ~Caleisha @

  5. You were an awesome guest! Thank you again sweet friend!


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