Feliz Friday>>>Random Rundown

Feliz Friday amigas!!!!! Hope you all had a super easy breezy work week. Can't understand how it's Friday already! But here we are...Any good plans this weekend? Me? Not so much. In fact this weekend promises to be a blur, and it's kind of a bummer...I like my weekends nice n' slow. Anywho...  Lets start off with the pictchas:

And now the rundown:

1. I hate when I'm cleaning the toilet and the water splashes out and a droplet hits my cheek...uuurgghhh! Gross!

2. I purchased a sweet itty bitty digital camera from Walmart... I think the deal I got is over, but here's a similar buy with less megapixels.

3. Going to LA tonight. Kind of love it there. So many lights, noise, toxic smog *sigh* So amazing!

4. If you've had a pelon candy thingy before we are pretty much besties. (Even if you've had it and hated it...)

5. Had a dream last night that I married an old, rich, powerful man. It was gross. And I wasn't allowed out of the mansion.

6. Regarding "Best Pose Ever" image above: I was trying to get my boots in the shot too...NOT marking my territory on that background foliage....

7. Just wanted to clarify.

8. Are dried cranberries in salads the best thing ever known to mankind or what?

9. I less than 3 you guys!!! I DO!

10. Less than 3= <3 = ♥ (In case that confused anyone...)

Now YOUR TURN! Tell me something random! 
Or else....


  1. Haha, love the marking your territory...you are too funny and cute and sweet! Have fun in LA! Happy weekend! xxx

  2. I hate cleaning the toilet. So gross! I also hate when people don't make a big deal out of having to reach their hands in the back tank part. Sick! I know it's "clean" water but hello. It's part of toilet and it's gross. Therefore automatically dirty.
    I love both your scarves. So much pretty!

  3. So maybe i'm retarded, but I can't figure out what your last two items on the list mean. I freaking hate cleaning the toilet, and that mexican candy. hahah. BUT I LOVE LA and I am jealous that you get to go there! Way to mark your territory;) I love that outfit, and you look so skinny!

  4. haha I just got done cleaning the toilet and I kept my head turned because I HATE that!

  5. haha so awesome. everything about this post!
    have fun in LA! it's a pretty magical place, for sure ;)

  6. Thanks for clarifying number 9. I was a little confused.

    I less than 3 you too. :)

  7. LOL you crack me up, such a cute post! FUN...such a good blogger you!

  8. Seriously why does toilet water splash us in the weirdest of places... AKA our precious healthy little faces?!? When I was a kid my parents were having a business meeting in our living room and the toilet wouldn't flush because that little chain fell off, so I walked passed them to get some supplies as I walked back they were laughing historically at me because I had these huge yellow rubber gloves and my snorkel mask. I told them if I have to fix it I'm not risking anything!!! AND I MEANT ANYTHING!! Maybe the next time we clean toilets we should dress as if we are going to war that way gross nasty toilet germ water will not poison our porcelain skin!! I know you are hispanic but your skin is flawless therefor you have porcelain skin too!!!!

    This post is so cute! You are hilarious, and I love the less then 3 thing!!! It is so true, yet deep! ahhaha seriously!!

  9. What a crazy dream! I had a dream last night that I had a baby. Not the labor part, just a baby showed up and it was mine! lol

    Have fun in L.A. I like driving up there sometimes, despite the smog.

  10. this post made me colon bracket. (did ya get that one?) you're too cute.


  11. the toilet thing cracked me up! but only because it's TOTALLY happened to me.
    cranberries in salads...YES.
    my random...I need to stop buying half gallons of icecream and just stick to the small pints...i end up eating it out of the carton and don't put my spoon down 'til i'm waaaaaayy past my satisfied point...or my full point...I'm pretty much an icecream eating machine. but it's sooooooooooo good.

    happy weekend to you gorgeous friend!

  12. Happy Weekend Janette!!

    toilet water on the cheek is No Bueno! And, it has happened to me...like, every time I clean. Blech!

    WHAT is pelon? Fill us in, friend.

    Love me some dried cranberries. And salads in general.

    That dream stinks. Eek. I had a dream last night that I carried my new camera in my purse and that the screen cracked into a million pieces. Now that was scary. ;)

  13. I have never ever heard of pelon before. Is it like candy from Mexico or something? Like with chili powder? My planner looks a lot like yours, I get bored and doodle all over the place and I highlight/color code everything; it's a mess of colors and flowers basically.

    Hmmm as for something random...

    I bought an elephant ring today! It's pretty pimp.

  14. Totally wasn't thinking that about the foliage but I went back to look and cracked up laughing.
    Also... Old men who don't let you leave the mansion. Gross!!!
    I less than 3 you times a billion!


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