So long Looklet Virtual Style Studio

Do you guys remember how excited I was when I happened upon one of the coolest sites ever??? Well, imagine my disappointment when I logged on to Looklet last week and found out that they are going in a different direction and shutting down the site on January 31st... What does that mean exactly and why do they have to get rid of this fun virtual dress-up room? Do you think perhaps they'll make it better? Maybe you'll be able to add your face and dimensions...Now THAT would be truly spectacular...But anyway...if you want to try it out before they shut it down, then please click here...
Ok, so I didn't really like that last outfit at all...But I liked all the colors and patterns... It made me happy. Hope you're having a splendid Thursday!


  1. oh great. Now I'm slightly addicted. Just spent about 20 minutes playing dress up....and they're about to shut it down!? NOOOOO! This reminds me so much of a game I used to have on my old ancient computer when I was younger.

  2. Aw!! After reading Ashley's comment I'm thinking I better not head over there at all, it'll just end in disappointment. :(

  3. :[[[[ nooooo! That site was so much fun. I hope they are just upgrading it.

  4. Never heard of it! I love those tights in he second outfit!!!

  5. I love the tights in the last outfit!


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