Random Rundown

Hello friends! It's Thursday...Yay! And it's time for another random rundom post...Yay! Actually I'm not that excited...In fact, I'm grumpy. Yup. PMSing and how! I just ate 3 chocolate chip cookies, watched Tangled for the third time, and cried. (What!!!? I didn't cry the first two times?) Oy! I hate feeling like this... Here we go...Pictures first.....
And now the randoms.....

1. I breakout sooo bad before my period..It's kind of nuts. And I kind of hate it.
2. I also get really bad dandruff about 3 days before... WHYYYYYY???
3. I guess what makes me angry about this whole being grumpy thing is that I have no reason to be grumpy...There are so many people who are sad and angry right now for legit reasons... But me? What's my excuse?
4. I babysat 2 of my nieces today. We ate dinner (fish sticks, grilled cheese, and chocolate milk), colored (a lot), went for a walk, built a fort, made cookies, watched Tangled, and cuddled during the movie.
5. See?? What I mean? I've got it good!
6. Anywho.
7. I started a Tumblr... Do any of you tumble? (Doubt I'll keep that up...)
8. In fact, I think I forgot my login info already.
9. Prayer is needed all around!  Many people I know are struggling with major hurts in all areas of life... Death of loved ones, money woes, marriage woes, school woes, trust issues, family woes...WOW! Tough stuff going on :-(
10. Oy! Happy almost Friday friends!
11. I feel better today... I think I was just exhausted from #4 (written today)



  1. Something random... I am getting my hair done Tuesday. Maybe just a bang trim... Maybe more! We'll see! Suggestions?
    I'm sorry you're grumpy. I hate that. I've watched tangled twice this week (I nanny) and love that movie more everytime I watch it!

  2. I want chocolate chip cookies now that you mentioned it. Ughhh, periods suck!! P.S When you're pregnant you don't get them;) xoxox

  3. Something random? I'm debating moving to Utah for graduate school...idk if that's very random lol but not many people know that!

  4. I get breakouts a few days before my period too. It's so frustrating!

    Something random: I finished all my carrots I brought to work and wish I had some more.

  5. I break out before my period as well and I hate it! Hope you had a wonderful day! xxx

  6. Hmm maybe I will join you on Tumblr! I actually have an account, but I have yet to mess around with it/figure it out!

    PS My skin totally broke out when we went to California... don't know if it was the dry weather, change in routine or what.. but now that I've got it under control again it's time to cue my period.. ARGH!!!

  7. hahaha i forget my login to tumblr, too.. definitely set one up a few months ago though.

    being grumpy and knowing you have no reason to be grumpy is the worrrrrrrrrrrrrrst.

    feel better!

  8. New follower!!! :)) I get really mad/angry/sad when I'm PMSing too I can seriously cry over anything...my fiancé already knows when I'm PMSing im like a bat out of hell LOL sometimes I try & take a breather & think why am I angry for no reason ???!!! Lol

  9. Lovely little blog miss! I love the design and colors!

    Happy to be your newest follower <3

    ...follow me back? :-)

    hugs, xo

  10. Ooh, keep up with tumblr. Best thing that ever happened to the internet. Hours of entertainment, even. Here's mine: http://beverlopolis.tumblr.com/

    And a random thing? I have no internet at my apartment, so when I get access to it, I go on internet binges. Feels kind of unhealthy, haha.

  11. I love that you included that number 11! So glad you're feeling better today... and yay for tumblr. That's one connection I haven't quite mustered up the courage to figure out yet. Maybe soon...

  12. Haha I totally cried when I saw Tangled! No shame in that ;)

    something random... I was really excited because I got a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for Christmas! I'm really sad because I can't find anywhere that carries it in turquoise for me to exchange it my current one for :(

  13. OH BOY! The breakouts before periods... i hate it so much!

    something random: almost finish with everything i need to do before leaving to Guam. One more thing, make sure we don't miss our flight... LOL!

  14. Ugh......me too on the breakouts and this year seems to be worse then any other!

  15. Something random: I randomly danced at every store my best friend and I went to. And I sang in a silly voice. She danced and sang along with me. The shop owners were quite confused. But we thought we were hilarious and awesome. ;)

    Ps. Sorry about being grumpy. I am too. Boo.
    Pps. I have a tumblr and I never use it. And I've forgotten my login info...

  16. frickin' pms skin debacle, got it going on right now. grrrrr, i've been using a new Clarisonic machine since Sean gave it to me for xmas and i hoped it might take the edge off but them pimps are still happening. RAHRRRRR

    LOVE playing with photo apps though, possibly one of my fave pastimes. your snaps are sensational J. sparkly socks, lovey snuggles and star wars ANYTHING are just fine by me!

    mmmmmmm, yes, prayer is the best wireless connection isn't it. needed and sent, you are absolutely right. hope your weekend has been great and the new year is settling into a soft spot for ya : )

    xo ♥

  17. pms may be the devil. My breakouts seem to get worse every year. What!?! Isn't that backwards?? ugh.

    I love Tangled. I am apt to cry at anytime during the day...whether it be over a movie or a commercial or a song or, ummm, if someone looks at me the wrong way. Ha. I'm a nutcase sometimes. ;)

    You need to share some info on what photo apps you are using! Love your IG pics. :)

    I have a tumblr. I hardly ever use it. It kind of confuses me. Hmmmm. It's http://runningwildandlookingpretty.tumblr.com/ What's your address??

    Random: I have a huge crush on Robert Downey, Jr....and have ever since I saw my most favorite movie ( Only You ) in the 7th grade. Just saw Sherlock Holmes today, and I'm convinced that he gets cuter with age. ;)


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