Memory Lane: The Ultimate Flashback Edition

Ok, so I'm not sure what's going on 'round here, but I've been having MAJOR flashbacks lately... I keep coming across stuff from my past...Old lists, old songs, old hard drives, old TV shows, old homework assignments, old journal entries... Not sure what's going on... But its starting to concern me a little... It's like the Twilight Zone almost...No joke...

Here are a few examples.. I was talking to Lovey during dinner about a random conversation I had about 6 years ago...Just an awkward situation he didn't know about...Ok. Get this! An hour later, I was looking through some old computer files and I found something I wrote about that very conversation! A poem actually. Not convinced? Well, a few days after making my new years resolutions I found my new years resolution list from 2001. 2001!!!!  Oh yeah, and last week I got a missed call from a girl I haven't seen since about 2004... Wacky weirdness, much? Well at least I think so!

Have you guys ever had trippy moments like this? I've never had such a series of concentrated coincidences... I'm sure the Lord is trying to teach me something from all this....But until I figure it out-- Guess I'll share some pictures instead :-) Circa 2004-2008! WOW! Wish I still had some of those clothes...and hair cuts...Bahhh! Short hair is calling my name...again.

And now for the ultimate flashback enablers...a few old songs... More like, 20  (a few is 20, right?) songs you probably haven't heard in a while:

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Remember any of these?
Tell me which song (if any) struck a chord...
Or just lie to me...That works too ;-)

PS. For me it was Starsailor's "Poor Miguided Fool" I seriously had not heard that in YEARRRRS

PPS. The outfit pics are from my old Fabsugar account..Back when they used to have "Lookbook" and "Look of the Day". Anyone remember that? Or does the name Sandra Werner ring a bell? She had the best style! No? Okay..Just thought I'd give it a try...


  1. Ooh, I like the short hair :)

  2. I LOVE your hair short!! It's such a drastic change from having super long's like it takes forever to grow out again. I don't have the guts, lol. Love this post--flashbacks are awesome!

  3. No Doubt is the hugest for me. I still love No Doubt though but every time I hear one of their old songs, I go down memory lane. It's weird. I know the Twilight Zone stuff you speak of. Weird, but cool feeling!

  4. I have definitely had moments like that. And, we pretty much listened to a lot of the same music back then.

  5. I have those moments all the time. Hubby teases me that I'm getting old. I get sentimental when I look thru old photos and last week it was nice to end up in Brooklyn & sing my heart off to 80s & 90s music with my girls. Good times.

    I don't think there's any haircut that doesn't compliment you. You look great even with your short rocker hair, I totally love it. And your laugh is infectious (it comes thru the pictures).


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  6. I've definitely had those moments. And I was just listening to Asereje last week! I came across it on Tumblr and it brought back so many memories. Even Sunny Came Home, I still listen to that song to this day :)

  7. that is crazy!! kind cool though too :)

    And your long locks are beyond gorgeous...but you look fabulous with a short 'do!!
    That polkadot jacket makes me happy :)
    And "bills bills bills" and "steal my sunshine" made me even more happy!!! :)

  8. Wow! for many things...For the song list that i can call "nostalgic" and your different styles of hair! So cool! Songs are like diaries.When i listen a song from the past, i directly remember how old i was while listening this, whom i was in love etc.
    And Shawn Mullins' Lullaby,it was my favourite song when i was ah teenage. Will listen today!

    P.s.Sorry for this delay of explanation that i couldn't finish what i was hoping to send you for Xmas.I'm lazzy but not forgetful :)

  9. You were rocking that short hair cut! I remember most of those songs! No Doubt was my band for middle school. Destiny Child and Moby, the Verve! And I haven't heard that "Steal My Sunshine" song probably since the 90's. Isn't it amazing how you can forget about a song, but them remember the words when you hear it!

  10. Could you be any more gorgeous?! I think not!
    And I want to steal that polka dot coat!
    Love all your stylish haircuts!

  11. Oh my gosh I am dying over "Steal My Sunshine" by LEN.... I loved that song hahaha. How embarrassing. ;) I also chilled to Incubus' "Drive" for a few minutes. Thanks for that. I'll never get sick of them.

  12. Your hair DOES look great short! (Long too, you know, of course.)

    Hahaha loving the mix, too. I haven't heard any of these in ages. I've been feeling a bit nostalgic too, thanks to music. On the drive home from San Diego the other night, my sister and I listened to the 90's station on Sirius XM radio.


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