I love glasses.

 So I'm feeling pretty open and honest right now...Like I need to get a few things off my chest. A confession session of sorts. I've never seen The Wizard of Oz. I don’t like pumpkin spiced lattes. (We’re still friends, right?) And here’s the biggy…The mother of all confessions... I do not wear eyeglasses. I know! Surprised right!??? Those in my blog sidebar picture are fake. I'm a fraud! An imposter! A liar. I know. I know. (Please say we’re still friends!) 

 I've just always secretly wanted glasses for as long as I can remember (which is a pretty long time)! And since I have pretty good vision, I doubt I’ll be getting any real ones soon. Boo! I blame my sister for my frame fancy. When she was in high school (she was a hipster ahead of her day) she used to wear empty frames all the time. And I thought she was super cool...And so did everyone else. Now does it all make sense?

Actually, I'm not really here to talk about my cool older sis or my aversion to fake glasses. I'm actually here to share about GlassesUSA.com. What's that? Well, it's an online company that sells prescription glasses with a 100% money back guarantee. Unheard of right?!! They offer high quality lenses, frames, and more for a reasonable price. If you've ever tried to buy online eyeglasses you probably would be hard-pressed and confused about where to search, right? Well Glasses USA offers a variety of seamless search options. You can search by category, material (titanium anyone?), and style (my favorite are the vintage/retro glasses a la' Taza style) Need I say more?

What else can you find at GlassesUSA.com? Besides their collection of chic and cheap eyeglasses , you can scour through their large selection of frames, sunglasses, and designer brands. They even have a virtual mirror (my favorite!). Simply upload your picture and "try" on a pair...or 20. I did!(And I look pretty goofy right?)
Anywho. Right now GlassesUSA.com is offering a few deals to you good folk! Take 20% off any pair of eyeglasses and get FREE US shipping with the code: New2012  Or you can take 10% off any order of prescription glasses with the Code: Blog10. So check them out. I think you'll like them.

PS. Don't live in the US? No problem! They offer worldwide shipping!


  1. i will still be your friend! I promise. I have to wear glasses...and if i had lots and lots of money i would get so many different frames. I like the middle glasses on you a lot! I love that you love glasses. There is no shame in that!

  2. omgosh! you are so funny! and too cute with those eyeglasses on. I've never seen the Wizard of Oz either or tried the pumpkin spiced lattes which I doubt i am gonna like it. Don't worry, I still like you and still one of my favorites. XO

  3. OK I've seen the Wizard of Oz but I've never had a pumpkin spiced latte. YOU WERE FAKE GLASSES!! hahahaha. That is classic. I love it. I wish they had empty frames when I was a kid. I ruined my eyes by wearing other peoples glasses when I was a teenager, and now I HAVE to wear glasses or contacts.

    I'm gonna have to check out that website.

  4. You need to watch Wizard of Oz! I used to wish I wore glasses too so I'd wear them without frames when I was in Jr.High haha

  5. OH MY GOSH YOU WEAR FAKE GLASSES AND DON'T LIKE PUMPKINS SPICE LATTES?? We can't be friendds ;) hahahaha. Just kidding. I love you. Also I used to wear fake glasses in Highschool. I also have good vision, and my siblings like all have cool glasses. I just want a cool pair of Ray Ban glasses, okay??? Hahah. I hope you ahve a good weekend!

  6. I'm the same way. I have 20/20 vision, but sometimes I wish I had a reason to get glasses.

  7. Those pink glasses are adorable!

  8. Eyeglasses are considered to be a fashion accessory these days, even it is quite acceptable to wear one, even if you’re not prescribed to. Hehe. I actually find girls wearing sunglasses chic and intelligent. It’s okay to wear one for the sake of fashion. There’s nothing wrong with that. ;)

    Vincent Davis


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