Happy New Year to Me!

Welcome to 2012 friends! Can't believe we're here! Don't you love new years? Fresh starts? Firsts? Resolutions? I do! I especially enjoyed this NYE... Last year was quite uneventful. Lovey and I went to my parents' house and right after dinner (about 7:30pm) Lovey passed out on the couch. Yup! 7:30PM!! He woke up the next day at 10. For real. So you can imagine my elation when I found out he wanted to do something different this year...Something fun...
Lovey and I met up with his brother's family and in laws for some night time fun under a canopy of twinklies. It was crowded and crazy! No lack of shoving, shivering, or shenanigans here! But we just pretty much went for the fireworks. As soon as they were over we went home. Which is cool... I'm not much of a post midnight crowd kinda gal anyway.
Happy New Year pretty ones!

Where were your first few seconds of the New Year spent?

I'm writing the following down per Lovey's request (recap of "one of the best weekends ever" in his opinion):
Friday: P&V came over after ministry to hang out and open up the Sabbath.
Sabbath: Slept in. Read pretty much all day. Relaxed. Napped. Relaxed. At sunset J&C came over for grilled cheese sandwiches,  BBQ chicken, and chocolate milk. P&V surprised us when they showed up after canceling earlier that day. (WOO!) At 10:45pm we left to the "First Night" event (see pictures above)in our hometown. Got home around 1AM and stayed up talking about life, love, and new years in general.
Sunday: Went to Mt. Baldy with Lovey's dad. After light hiking we went to Giuseppe's (best Persian/Italian food everrr) and had koobideh outside in the fresh air near some lovely foliage (lol). Lovey "drank tea and was happy with his woman by his side". After lunch Lovey took me to Fry's Electronics to buy me a new toy. (If you follow me on IG you know what it is.)
Monday: Had an amazzzzing breakfast, read, relaxed, sat on our patio set while the sun was setting and pretty much did absolutely NOTHING all day. 
What a terrific weekend!


  1. Wow! Such amazing photos. Looks like you had a fabulous night. Happy new year sweetie!

  2. These photos look SO super fun!! :D I love any celebration that includes fireworks. ;)

  3. It's so hard for me to stay up till midnight, I'm actually surprised I made it this year. As a kid I never could. I like the pic of you playing in the street :)

  4. sounds like an awesome new years!

    my first few seconds were spent watching some man try to cross a lake on his BMX bike..they always do that kind of thing on TV right after the ball drops:) he made it and i went home! xoxo

  5. Beautiful photos. Love the one of you in the street. And I love your resolutions too- I want to have twins some day :)

    If Work Permits

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun! My husband and I spent the first minutes of the new year chilling on his parents couch in Seattle watching the firework show on tv from the space needle(:

  7. pretty pictures! the lighting is so amazing in all of them!!!

  8. :) looks like fun! last new years was pretty uneventful for me as well as i was very sick .. boo. my bf was so kind to stay with me instead of meeting up with our friends as we had planned. this year we decided to make a big dinner and ring in the new year at home .. by choice this time! it ended up being really fun :) perhaps next year we'll join the hustle and bustle of nyc again.. just not near times square YIKES.

  9. You had me at "reading pretty much all day". That sounds like heaven. :)

    The Suburb Experiment

  10. Great pics! You two looks so cute together!

  11. happiest New Year high fives Janette!!!! omg, how much did i love seeing your hair bow below?! mad amounts is what and then this amazing re-cap of your NYE celebrations brings things up about 20 notches. looked like such fun lades!!! good for Lovey on upping the ante this year - fab comeback : )

    rad fireworks and the street shot featuring you is wow! you are a looker okay, so pretty and New York chic. xoox ♥


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