Feliz Friday///Random Rundown

Feliz Friday friends!

How is everyone today? Good? Bad? Not sure yet? Hungry? Yeah, I'm with you. I'm all of the aforementioned and how! Anywho! This week I have a lot of nonsensical things to share and just a few pictures from our random mid-week IN & OUT date. Usually Lovey and I go to eat here on the weekend... Without fail. (Bad huh?) But this time, we both called each other out of the blue after work and had the same thought: Dinner date! Nothing like a little meaty cheesy goodness on a Wednesday to make you forget you are working Sundays for the next few months... Boo!

And now the random thoughts:

1.Blogscar Buzz begins! I'm quite excited at the positive reception of this little idea... I really didn't think it was going to go over well. I thought it was going to be chirping crickets for me... But it's turning in a direction I didn't even see coming. I just wanted to show some love to some talented people and it turns out I'm not the only one. Votes are being cast like crazy! Yay!

2. The blogging community is strong, kind, and supportive.

3. Hello new friends! Please let me know if you have a blog! I follow back! Thanks!

4. I can't get a certain image out of my mind... Earlier this week I was driving to lunch and I saw a guy at a local high school (managed to get a 1 second glimpse) in the quad playing his tuba. He had a music stand and everything... I guess what was so beautiful is that there was no one around really. Just this kid playing his heart out whether or not there were ears to hear... It didn't matter.. He was just playing.

5. New dish washing sponges make me happy.

6. DIY Yarn Wrapped Earrings. They were heavy. But matched my outfit perfectly.

7. Need

8. To

9. Have

10. Ten.



  1. heavy earrings are worth the weight when they're as cute as those!

  2. Yes very nice earrings! Pretty colors!

  3. Love it and we just had our meaty cheesy goodness for the week, the hubs and L picked me up from work and we took off for a dinner date!
    Happy weekend!! xxx

  4. 1st, midweek dates rock.
    2nd, yay for DIY earrings!
    3rd, I'm excited to check out these blogscars!!

  5. Your earrings are so cute!!!

  6. In and out. Yum. I've only had it once because it's like a secluded southwestern thing or whateverrrr. Those earrings are supa caute! But my ears are teeny tiny and cannot support the weight of big earrings. =[

  7. you two are adorable! and thanks for all your kind words over on my blog! i feel the same way about yours! the whole laundry bit and everything!

  8. Now I WANT IN N OUT! haha. When I come to California, even if you don't come to disneyland with me. We MUST go to in n out. OR trader joes or something. How far from anaheim are you??? Like how I am just telling you we are going to hang out?? Because we are going to. I still need to blog about the awards.. I'm so bad at blogging lately. BOO to working sundays....

  9. Are you kidding me? Those yarn earrings are adorrrable! I definitely NEED some!

  10. Sometimes those random date nights are the best! Being spontaneous is so romantic :)

  11. need to have ten. hahahahaha! I just love you. :)

  12. and I totally want a burger now... thanks.

  13. Cute earrings, and now my stomach is grumbling...hahah lovely post!! <3

  14. I bet it would be cool to see the dude playing the tuba. I love random sightings like that.

  15. I love love your earrings! Those look amazing!

    My sister and I call each other "lovey" its a long story involving senile nuns, but a lovely one :)

  16. haha! lovelovelove numbers 7-10. :)


  17. I really like your pictures! Great post!


  18. The blog community IS wonderful.

    Love that you're feeling colorful. :)

  19. this blog is so wonderful!!! love it! and loving the hair too! props xx

  20. That little burger date looks so fun! And I love your earrings.
    So happy that the Blogscars are going well! It really was a genius idea!

  21. You crack me up!! I love those earrings too! And I am with you, there has got to ten other wise it just looks odd!


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