Feliz Friday//Random Rundown

Feliz Friday friends!!!! By now you know how my random rundom rundown works,right? I post some nonsensical pictures followed by some more nonsense...And then at the end you tell me something random and make me laugh and or feel happy.... Ready??? Away we go!
-Oh yeah! Please check out Ashley's (Hudson's Happenings) 500 follower giveaway! (Congrats girl!) The prize is a super gorgeous and chic Shabby Apple dress! It's magnificent!

-You know how when you think you've gotten over something, but then you realize it's been a long time and you haven't quite moved on. No? Yes? I had an argument with someone over a year ago... Harsh words and false accusations were directed at Lovey and me...and while everyone involved seemingly patched things up, the wound is still there. I still can't even speak of it without choking back some tears. Pretty bad huh?

-Going to be super busy the next few months with work. Shall be absent from your blogs and mine. Hopefully not too absent. Boo!

- I went to Knott's Berry Farm this week.. It was a blast!!!! Still sorting through the pictures. But nothing spectacular, so I'm kind of bummed.

-Photographers remorse: When a day of shooting yields nothing but mediocre.

- Having shabu shabu at the beach this weekend, Lordwilling! Wee!!

-Does anyone else think of potential tidal waves while at the beach??? I can't help it. I think it every time...Plan my evacuation route...Calculate how fast I'd have to run to get to safety...Seriously.

-I like folding clothes.. Hanging them? Eh...Not so much. What about you?

-I was mean to Lovey last night for no reason.... Such a bad person I am! :-(

Now your turn! Tell me something RANDOM!


  1. I love doing the laundry, but not folding it. And the hubs was mean to me for no reason...and it made me cry...but now I'm ok and we're talking again...haha
    Happy weekend xxx

  2. i love laundry. i like folding and hanging them. it depends on the article of clothing. boo to you being gone! but good luck with being busy and erry'thang!

  3. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! CUTE LITTLE ASIAN JANETTE! haha. My babies better look like that, or else.... LOL. Anyways. DUDE I TOTALLY PLAN MY ESCAPE ROUTE ON THE BEACH. ALSO this is part of my anxiety but when I am in any public place, especially school.. I have to plan an escape in case i get diarrhea or have to barf. WEIRD HUH??? Oh and I hate the word diarrhea and now i'm embarrassed :(* hahah.

  4. I hate folding AND hanging up clothes. Mostly because I have a lot of them and my dresser and closet are not big enough. I miss Knotts Berry Farm. I used to live in Southern California. That's kinda random I guess.

  5. Loved your pictures of Knotts on instagram! I think you took some spectacular photos:)

  6. I like the photographer's remorse definition. Definitely an accurate feeling. Something random....hmmm...I have an avocado addiction but one time I went on an avocado binge for a few months and gained a lot of weight so I keep having to force myself to stop eating it so much. I had it for dinner last night and for lunch today. I have an addiction Janette. I also went on a banana binge when I was younger and gained weight. I hate healthy foods that are secretly fattening.

    Wow, this turned really long. Sorry!

  7. I LOVE the Venice Janette...almost as much as I love baby Janette! ADORABLE! :D

    Thanks for directing folks to my giveaway...you are THE best. :)

    I hate anything to do with laundry. Blah.

    Here's my random: when everyone's asleep I drink juice out of the container instead of pouring it in a glass. So sneaky.

  8. hahaha your jacket died last year? I love it! Following you! Hope we can be friends!

    love, polly
    the littlest polly
    Paulie Antiques

  9. how completely uber adorable you are Janette! what is this new feature and has it been that long so as i missed the inaugural launch??? ooogoodness, must get on tracks now. i adore this randomsesh, as i usually do and believe it to be arctic puffin approved ; ) you are the sweetest kiddo EVER. what a darling photo!!!

    dude, what was this about harsh args and accusations? no way! to you and the love-master???? i can't really understand how anyone could ever have an ounce of bad feelings going on when it involves you two but hey, i hope to blessed hope it gets sorted out. looking through those pics from KBF should help sooth the strain, that sounded like lotsa fun!!

    girl, what is up with your apocalyptic beach scenarios? isn't it you who has an aversion to sand too or is that my memory base funkin' out. well, if you and i ever get together, as one day i hope we will, i would walk down to the beach with you and hold your hand tight to let you know ain't nothing but love gonna touch you from here on out.

    loved the catch up, tbc for sure but Sean just got home. he's cranky cos it's past dinner time (this is b/c he hasn't eaten since coffee cup meal this morn!) and i'm on a type of cleanse. he wanted pizza so my deal with him was to pick me up my organic delish salad thing on the way home so he wouldn't feel guilty ordering his "ZA". this backfired cos when he picked up my salad from the very holistic and tree-hugging resto they ignored the man in the suit for 7 minutes before asking him what he wanted. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH was he steaming hot mad about it. just arrived and i can feel the heat rising, must douse!!!!!

    much love, thanks for the comments, will return SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have an AWES weekend and take that much needed/deserved break for work with clear mind. xoox ♥

  10. I love your random rundowns! :P

  11. those pictures are super cute and i swear! you are so adorable... i am very good at folding clothes(i am very proud to say that!) and i don't like it when other people help me out with it, coz i don't like the way they fold them. of course i will say thank you for helping me, and when he/she's gone, i'll refold everything. yayy! i hate folding clothes, that's a cold heart truth LOL!

  12. I am definitely a hanging clothes kind of person because that way I don't really have to iron. Um, something random, I was 13 on Friday the 13th!

  13. You were such a cute baby and how did your jacket die?

  14. i love to fold clothes too! but hanging them can be a pain...especially if you have one with a large, scoop neck that doesn't want to stay around the hanger! (;

    thanks for your sweet, sweet words on my first outfit post, dear! that put me on top of the world, for real. (: sometimes my hair just doesn't want to do what I want it to do...but on that day, thankfully it did, ha! (;

    i'm following now!


  15. Haha aw this is so cool! I'm a new follower!


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