THE BLOGSCARS: Here are the nominees...

And the nominations are in!! The Blogger Guild of Blogization (ie Yours Truly) has compiled a list of this year’s Blogscar nominees. So what are the Blogscars?? Well, it’s like the Oscars, but better, cause you probably know the blogtresses  and love them too! And here’s the kicker! You get to vote for your favorites!! Weee!!! And in the end the winners get the satisfaction of being voted by the world's finest blog readers. (Sorry, can't afford real trophies)

Pretty fun stuff I dare say! I actually wanted to do this last year, but I had about 12 followers at the time and read about 10 blogs, so the nominations were going to be a little skewed… And I didn’t think anyone would actually take me seriously…Haha! Anyway! The winners will be announced next month, so there’s PLENTY of time to get your readers to cast their votes! I’m pretty excited!

The nominees (All blogs w/1,100 followers or less) were carefully selected based on content and awesomeness.

Best Blogture
(equivalent to Best Picture)

Best Blogtress in a Leading Role  
(equivalent to Best Actress)
For the ladies that are just great, overall bloggers (Regular posters, leave comments, email back, etc.)

Lynn of Hearted Girl
Gentri of Gentri Lee
Cara-Mia of I Typed for Miles

Best Costume Design  
(ie Original Fashion/Style)
Christen of Two Happy Hearts
Blythe of Blythe Hill

Artistic Direction 
(These blogs are just pretty to look at…)
Jessica of Creative Index
Sarah of  A Lost Feather
Lindsey of Scenic Glory
Stella of Tease Your Toes (youngest Blogscar nominee!!!)

Courtney of Vintch
Liz of Liz Lemon
Haley of Life is Sweet
Lynn of Hearted Girl

(Blogs that never fail in giving me a good chuckle)
Larissa of Lalalovely
McKinley of Haolepinos
Brissa of Half & Half

Visual Effects
(Best collages, posts, photography, and other design elements)
Lynn of Hearted Girl
Breeanna of A Brilliant Melody
Lindsey of Scenic Glory

Foreign Blog
(Best Non-US resident blogs)


Congratulations to the Nominees! 

Start writing your acceptance speeches and picking out an outfit for the red carpet ladies (I wish!) Also, if you’ve been nominated please take a nominee button.

(January 26, 2012) 
Stay tuned!!

180 x 82


PS. Here's a button to help spread the word about the Blogscars...

180 x 99

250 x 138


  1. This is such a cute idea!! Thanks so much for the nomination! :)

  2. Indeed an awesome idea. I don't know most of these blogs (not going to liet), but thanks for the introduction. I'm definitely going to check them all out.

    Can't wait to cast my vote.


  3. omg whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! don't you already know you got my vote for blogger of the year award?! how come your fine A$$ space isn't inserted in there too lades???! oi and a BIG OL vey okay, who knew i'd be listed for anything let alone foreign blog - that gave me a giggle. oh Janette, you have really plumped up my seriously flattened cells today, can't really understand or believe this incredible honor, you do know the competition is fierce right. gosh almighty, Ashley - best momma ever with the longest, fullest lashes ever too!, Blythe - my pal and a girl i'd die to meet one day in the reals....who does interactive collages better i ask?, Gentri - dear heart, she supports fellow bloggers like no other , Amy - crafting queen, so uber talented and shares some very honest and incredibly deep moments, Cara-Mia - i adore her so-cal experience and how she shares them with such zest for life, Christen - style for miles, she's always showing the cutest ensembles and maxed out on happiness moments, Jessica - design star in the sky and a total sweetheart on the earth, Sarah - embracing the creative culture, i get a lot of insp there for sure, Lindsey - one of the 1st blog friends i ever met, she's made a home in blogland and is beloved by so many, Mervi - when i think of someone who's got mad skills when it comes to design and simplistic awesomeness i think of her immediately, Breeanna - she's so supportive and always has got some kinda good time going on, Lisa - i'd like to know if it's at all possible to exchange lives for a day or TEN bcos her's seems like such a dream, that blond bombshell's got incredible talent and such a lovely family to share it with, and freakin' Courtney in the writing category. you know she deserves that one 100%!!! i love all those gorgeous girls a bunch but have got to say right here, right now that Courtney's writing takes me to places that i either haven't seen in a while or have never thought about before. she's a treasure indeed. but NOT TO downplay anyone's else's sincere skills in those other categories, wow. i'm shocked and would have no idea how to choose. it's like deciding between cupcakes and cookies. they're both delicious and have a vast amount of flavors i adore.

    to coin a phrase from a girl i love, woohowdy what a day!!!! thanks for this J, youda best! xo ♥

  4. Haha cute =] thanks miss! I just found Vintch and I love it! I can't wait to check out the other blogs and fall in love with those, too.

  5. say whhhhhat?!?! you're so nice. i can't wait to stalk all these blogs you've listed that i don't know. you're making this addiction worse!!

  6. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I am seriously honored!! Thank you so so so so so so much!! However I feel like this is some pretty stiff competitions because I do admire Brissa's blog a whole freaking lot! And I am shocked to be in the comedy section!!! I thought my husband was the only one who thought I was funny! ahhahaha. Seriously thank you my little hispanic princess of magical blog making!! I am so excited!

    PS I love how creative this is! You are a genius!!

  7. AH!! THank you SO SO SO MUCH Janette!! I am blushing and this just made my day ten billions time better! Just to even be considered a nominee is amazing! thank you thank you thank you! You've picked the perfect ladies to be nominated. They are all some of my absolute favorites and I always make sure to read their posts. :) Can we please all do red carpet outfit posts?! PLEASE?! :D How fun would that be?!

  8. Haha you're so funny! Thanks for the nominee!

  9. That is so've got good taste!'ve given me some more awesome peeps to check out! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  10. Thank you so much Janette!!! You are the coolest girl ever. No lie. This is the most awesome idea ever and I can't wait to vote for all these amazing ladies. This is just so fun!! :D

  11. This is so cool! Thank you so much (: This is oh so lovely of you :) what fun!! <3

  12. This is awesome! What a great idea! Thanks so much - you da man!! But, you should totally be up there as well! Have a fabulous day! Hugs xxx

  13. Hey sweetie! :) What an awesome surprise to wake up to! :) Thank you so much! You're so SO so sweet! What an honor to be included in this AWESOME bunch of bloggers! Can I nominate you? Because you ROCK sweetie! You're always yourself, so positive and just 100% Janette!

    xxx mervi

  14. i love this idea! can't wait to vote, and also check out the bloggers I haven't read before!

  15. I love this!!! What a great idea! And I am nominated!!!! Thank you so much!!

    (Look at all those exclamation marks. Can you tell I'm excited?!)

  16. ha! what a lovely idea. too cute. first time by your blog! loving it.

  17. you are such a blessing!

    thank you for the nominations! i love the blogosphere for the friendships it fosters--yours is one i truly, truly cherish. off to check out all of these fabulous blogs. you've made my week, dear:)

  18. what a fun idea!! i love this!

    i'm so honored to be nominated! this totally made my day! :)

  19. Wohooo thanks for the nomination girl!! This is such an awesome idea! I'ver grabbed a button, how exciting! :)

  20. this is so fun! you're so great for putting this together.. and thaaank you for the nominations :) i'm flattered. there are a bunch of new (to me) blogs to check out, too.. very exciting!

  21. Janette, dear sweet Janette...
    You have no idea how HAPPY this idea makes me. And I am simply over the MOON that I am considered for 5 different categories! Whaaaaat?! Honored doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. More like happy ecstatic disbelief excited supercalifragilistic. are the very best.

    I vote you for BEST BLOGGY FRIEND a girl could ever have. You have offered so much kindness and support and love to me since I met you through blogging....and I'm sure you have done the same for so many others. are the best.

    LOTS of love to you.

    xoxoxo Ash

  22. Such a neat idea! Thanks for including me! I know I don't have the fanciest blogaroo! Glad to be a part! :)

  23. You are so creative, this is a great idea! Surprisingly the only girls I recognize are Ashley and Gentri so I have a lot of awesome new blogs to check out! Including yours! I stumbled across your blog thanks to Ashley posting about this fab idea! It's so nice to see something like this going on in the blogosphere, so much support & encouragement! I agree with the other girls, you definitely deserve an award! :)

  24. This is a really fun cool idea!! I already casted my votes!!! Nice to meet you! I'm gina from Contemplating Beauty...

  25. You are so sweet! I just came across your cool idea, it's great!! And thanks heaps for including me :)

  26. What a fantastic idea!! Some wonderful nominees here, and can't wait to check out all the others I'm not familiar with!

  27. This is such a fun idea. I arrived here via a link you left on one of your lovely nominee's pages and cannot wait to check out the blogs listed here and to follow your blog, too! <3 jenna(saurus)


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