Barnyard Buddy Weekend!

This past weekend was my last work-free weekend for the next few months.. Kind of bummed, but I had a lovely last hoorah of sorts, so I'm happy. Here's the glory!

I'm neighbors with a few cute furry friends!!  Aren' t they precious!?? They live at a nearby school. I had seen them a few times, but never had the chance to get close! So I suspect you'll be seeing more of my buddies soon! (Is it bad that after I pet a few cows I had a prime rib sandwich for dinner? Not so much, right?) One more thing... Has anyone else had a blast playing with the Dragon Dictation (speech to text) App (It's free!)???? Check it out! Valery and I couldn't stop laughing cause it was waaaayy off each time.

-Coco's Prime Rib sandwich! AMAZING!
- Fried string beans
-Stroll with Valery

-Lovey telling me I looked like a boy Saturday night. Bahh! (See picture above)(I kind of do.) Bahhhhh!Bahh!
-Our friend's Jasmine tea that smelled like a shoe store. (It smelled like Payless guys!!!! What in the world??)
-Finding out that PICNIK is shutting down! WHHHHHATTT???

What was your weekend highlight?


  1. The Picnik thing upset me too.

  2. I love that you have barnyard animals for neighbors. They're so adorable!

    And yeah, that picnik business really bummed me out.

  3. Cute little furry guys!
    And I'm soo upset about Picnik too! How dare they! What do I do for fun editing now?

  4. The only reason I am said Picnik is gone is because of the fonts. Other then that Photoshop is the king of the world. However I know when I get a new computer and don't want to pay for Photoshop I will be very upset!! aha I love all your fonts and pictures on this post!! It looks wonderful!

  5. I've been freaking out about Picnik too. I love that you can use all the premium features for free right now but I'm going to miss it come April.

  6. nooooo picnik!!! :'(

    I'm a new follower!! (: follow me back??

  7. I am inlove with your photo layouts! What program do you use? Officially following; love for you to check out my blog when you get a sec!


  8. i particularly love the Dragon Dictation mishap there. I just downloaded seems to be a bit more accurate. But still, the comedy is priceless sometimes!

  9. This is amazing! I want a barnyard adventure desperately.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  10. a cow almost ATE her SCARF? (!)

    and what is UP with picnik?? (!)


  11. dude, last work free weekend? what?! that's the poo dos!!! glad you got an awesome mix of fun for that last who-rah and what better than with happy and dapper farm friends. looks like maja blastage occurred, good for you. i haven't played on that app yet but if you're recommending it then it must be worth a click!! prime rib sandwich talk is making me all kinda hungry, Sean's due home soon and it's time to whip up some dins asap. and yes, i got the email notice from Picnik, shocking right?!

    happy mid-week love, try to take more moments to cruise control okay. you are working too hard is what. xo ♥


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