30-Flirty-Thriving Shooty Shoot.

Photo shoots are the best when there's no pressure and you have your easy going pal as a subject... I snagged Mellers for a "I just turned 30 and I'm still alive" photo shoot (her exact words) at a local train station.....It was her birthday present from me... And I'm loving these images.... Is she gorgeous or what? That guy from the TV show Roswell certainly thought so... We were at a U2 concert  years back (front row!!) and he was all over her... In retrospect, I wish she hadn't had a bf at the time... He could've gotten us backstage, cause he was in their "Stuck in A Moment" music video... (Remember that?) Way to use your friend for her looks huh? Bahahaha! I'll try to post more captures of the shoot later... Right now I'm trying to work on a video of the shoot.. But the program keeps crashing...Boo!
All right then. Happy Monday!

PS. In case you're wondering how two teens got front row tickets to a U2 concert...Well...we won a radio station concert....Dressed up in cardboard and trash bags....Who knew that could go such a long way? Memory Lane post perhaps?


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE ROSWELL!! I'm sad she had a bf at the time toooo!
    Gorgeous photos you two!

  2. I hope I look that good when I am thirty! I just dubbed you "blog of the week" over at my blog abode. I love your blog, and I suck at commenting, but I always keep up on it! Thanks for making me smile!
    -Lauren VanCott

  3. How awesome is that!? Pretty jealous.

    Also great pics :]]]]

  4. very nice!

    also, your sponsor spotlight is up today! :)

  5. gorgeous photos! can't wait to see more :)

  6. She's so pretty! What a beautiful shoot!

  7. beautiful!! love the spot y'all picked for this photo shoot. so perfect!
    you have a cuuute blog!



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