2012 Goals/Resolutions/Must Dos

Oh hello 2012!  You're going to take some time to get used to. It will be April before I stop accidentally writing 2011. But that's okay. I've got high hopes for you! Yup. I do. Here's my resolution list..

1. Take down holiday decorations by mid- January.
2. Clean my craft closet. (I keep mentioning this, but it's a BIG deal. I've got so much junk I need to organize and sort through!)
3. Rollerblade, walk, get a' movin'!
4. Do something spectacular for my birthday (it's a biggy this year!)
5. Have  twins. (Might as well put that in there!)
6. Be better about returning phone calls, emails, thank you cards, etc.
7. Save my moola!
8. Read more!
9. Read the books in the Bible that I've been putting off (Isaiah, Chronicles, and 2 Corinthians). I can't seem to ever finish those... Ahh!)
10. Journal/Art Journal at least 3x a week.
11. Take my parents' dog for a walk every time I visit.
12. Take more pictures with my dSLR.
13. Be better about finishing things I start.
14. Drink more water.
15.  Budget my time better.
16. Look into selling vintage-thrifted stuff online (Been wanting to do this for yearsssss!)
17. Book more photoshoots.
18. Master my current photo editing program (since purchasing Photoshop for $700 is simply not going to happen).
19. Spend more time with family. (I neglected them last year :-/ I spent so much time getting closer to new friends...And while I'm glad for it, I have no excuse for putting my fam second...)
20. Attempt to organize a So-Cal Blogger Meetup. Would be fun, I think! (And Lovey approved! WHAT??????!!!)
21. Finish my blog makeover. I realize I'm missing pages...But aaargghh! I hate html. And can't afford to pay someone to do it... Boo....

Ok... So there you have it.. It kind of bothers me that I have an uneven number of goals..but whatevs. I'm happy I've got goals to begin with!

What's your #1 resolution? 
 (May have to add it to my list too!) 

PS. Happy New Year friends!
PPS. Mine is having twins. Yup! I need them!


  1. A bow!! You have a bow in your hair!! You just made my day:)

  2. Oh, and I'll start praying for twins;)

  3. haha it would probably irk me to have an odd # also :)

    good luck with your list! i think my #1 goal is to stop procrastinating. oy vey.

  4. I had 21 goals on my list too! How weird. I want to leave my Christmas tree up all year because I'm so lazy. People rarely come to my house anyways so nobody will know how tacky I truly am.


  5. Whoa WHOA Whoa! A "hair" bow?!? You are theeeeeeeee coolest. :)

    I really hope you have these twins. I would be extra excited. In fact, I would be extra excited for one baby, too. ;)

    & I'm totally on board with your goal of doing better at returning phone calls, emails, etc. I'm SO BAD at that. :P

    My #1 goal is probably: Worry Less. I'll give it a shot. :)

  6. What a list! Love it all. I need to add "take more pictures with my dslr(ha! point and shoot) to my list too!

  7. Have twins? You ready to have kids? I want twins too, but I'm not ready for kids just yet :)

    My #1 goal is to get healthy and lose some weight, so I can be more happy with who I am.

  8. Look at you and all of your resolutions. I just started following your blog and I love it it's very fun! My #1 resolution is to end my relationship with procrastination ;P haha

  9. Happy New Year! I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award, you've got a lovely blog :)

  10. Happy New Year gorgeous! I hope 2012 brings you much joy! I think it's going to be a good one! :) xx

  11. 1. You have a bow in your hair. You rock.
    2. babbbbiiiiieeeeesssss! can I visit and play with them?
    3. Photoshop is great, but really isn't practical for editing a whole shoot's worth of photos. check out Lightroom if you haven't already!

    just a side note...i do so love those bangs on you.

  12. You are the cutest! Love all of the photos above, but I love the bow and just your eyes! It think it needs to be your sidebar pic.
    Hint! <---- Put that pic over there! So cute!
    Love all your goals. I haven't been in a goal making mood. I think it was my vacation. I wasn't ready to start this new year. Hopefully I will catch up to everyone else soon.
    Oh and twins?! You crazy but power to you! That's awesome! You're a brave lady!
    And Lovey approved a meet-up?! Can we chat about this soon please! I have questions!
    Also...Send me that banner again. Size 1,000 width exactly. And I will recut it for you! I feel bad it didn't work out last time, but I think if it's exactly 1,000 that it will come out better!
    Chat more soon!

  13. These sound like fabulous goals/resolutions! Good luck with the twins :)

    I think my number one goal is to book 10 weddings this year, with "losing 5 pounds" as a very close second!

  14. I love the hair bow! I think you should do a tutorial on that ;) just saying! Loving your resolutions! Especially the twins bahaha.

    I haven't come up with a resolution...but I am taking a picture for every day this year, basically to commemorate the year I turn 21 and graduate college!

  15. Hey pretty girl! I very much enjoyed your comment on my blog, haha. I'm glad you stopped by. I love your self portraits! I need to do some more of those, myself. Love your resolutions!

  16. Ahhh, your hair is so cute like that! :D

    Also, I am so with you on #12- I want to actually learn how to use mine!

    Happy New Year Janette!

    star-crossed smile

  17. Great goals! I like how they're simple and accomplishable.

    My top resolution/goal is to re-read Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. It is my favorite book and I use to read it every year, but college stopped that. So I'm getting back to it.

    Ps. Realized something sad...I wasn't following your blog! Fixing that now.


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