Winterization Weekend!!

Happy Monday Prettypies! How was the weekend for you? Did it treat you well? I hope so! I had a wonderific one, no doubt! Saw some friends I hadn't seen in a while, went to In & Out with Lovey, had a photoshoot, and a twilight BBQ...(Not in that order.) But I think the highlight of the weekend was finally hunkering down and putting up my Hanukkah slash Winter decor (ie. dreidel and snowflakes galore).

Duuuude guys!

Snowflakes are thee best! I tooootally recommend you guys looking up a tutorial (I used this one.) and joining in the flakey-fun! There's just something about cutting out nonsensical shapes that look like nothing special and then unfolding the magic when you're done... I had a blast making them, especially when my bestie, Val joined me. Woo-wee! Anywho.. Here's some snappage of what took place...

Off to put up some more snowflakes and maybe make some more dreidel garland....Eep!
PS. Announcing my blogversary giveaway winner tomorrow (Tuesday)! That means you have more time to enter.. I'm closing it at 7PM PST tonight.. so get in your additional entries if you haven't already!


  1. those snowflakes look AMAZING!!!
    and i love your beanie.
    and your face.

    too much...?

  2. Love those cute snowflakes and your mustard winter hat is adorbs! xxx

  3. Your decorations are so pretty! And you dear, are adorable! Love those cute pics at the end!

  4. Super cute snowflakes! and I love your beanie- so pretty.

    If Work Permits

  5. oh i love the framing you did with putting the snowflakes on the top and sides of the window! :) And those felt dreidles, love em' :) AND the "darth vader" coffee maker made me laugh. teehee!

  6. I love your decorations! I think I'm going to make some snowflakes tonight :) Thanks for the idea!

  7. Such pretty snowflakes!!! I would never be able to cut out such cute creations! :) I'm bad with scissors. Ha.

    You are adorrrrrrrable in the photobooth style shots, lady! Love your cute little hat, and just you in general. ;)

    Loved spotting Darth in your kitchen. That made me smile. :D &&& now I have dreideldreideldreidel stuck in my head. It's a catchy song, though.

  8. OMG, I am totally stealing this snowflake tutorial! Kyle and I are trying to win our apartment complex's holiday decoration contest and I've been desperately trying to think of inexpensive ways to spice up our windows. This is perfect!!

    I love all the pictures of you, so cute.

  9. Cute! Digging the snowflakes. (For some reason I almost typed "starflakes." Ummmm?)

    I literally LOL'd at the Darth Vader in your kitchen. :D

  10. I love the Hanukkah decorations!!! It looks fantastic. Are you sure you aren't jewish ahhahaha!! Happy Holidays!!!

  11. awesome snowflakes and omg, darth vader made me laugh! never thought of that before, you've got some pretty rad eyes to pick that out! snuggly bears, cute as a button YOU! what more does this season need?! very adorable shots, really cool vintage-ness about them too.

    i can't wait, since things have been super busy we haven't put up one decoration and this weekends our 1st chance to blast the tunes and deck the lonely halls. sincerely stoked!

    happy blogoversary Janette! i love your space and feel very blessed to have "met" you, keep em' coming. things around here just get better and better! xo ♥


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