A Week Ago

Last Monday I pretty much had thee perfect day. This Monday (yesterday) was the opposite...Boo! I got in a tiff with Lovey cause I was angry at someone else and ended up taking it out on him (Baaad trait of mine.). Grrr... I hate when I'm a grumpypants like that...Anyway... I'd like to flashback to last week to my most magnificent Monday...(follow the gray arrow):



  1. how relaxing! Love the raindrop pic!

  2. Love the cereal in a cup...hope your mood gets better soon!! xo

  3. I always love your picture displays. :) Wish I could do that.

  4. I have that bad trait too. Take it out on the husband when I'm stressed or upset over something else. Hope the rest of your week turns out better.

  5. Boo, yucky Mondays suck. I wonder if they would suck as much if they didn't come after the weekend? Hoping Tuesday went better for you!

  6. that sounds like an amazing day!! oh i love days like that. I also ate when i get mad at one person and take is out on another. its horrible.

  7. Hey everytime that i come here, I see something diferent :) maybe is becuase I come here like twice in a month (Prometo que pasare mas seguido, tu blog se merece visita diaria) you put really good stuff.

    Saludos :)
    PD: Amo tu blog
    PD2: tengo ratos sin comer cereal.


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