Ta-ta 2011: A Survey

Thinking about the approaching new year makes me nostalgic about the passing one. How about you? Here's a New Year's survey of sorts to bid 2011 adieu! (You should take it too and send me the link so I can read your answers!!)

Best Film: I think the only movie I saw in theaters this year was The Smurfs. Bahaha! So I’m not going to say that was the best… Best movie I saw in 2011 was Invictus. Yup. I cried and cried.

Best Book: Hmm... I read a lot this year … I’m going to say The Committed Marriage by Esther Jungreis (this was heart changing for me..)

Best Song: I’ve rediscovered a lot of old school music from the 80s & 90s. So can’t really say.

Best Place Visited: Lake Tahoe is GORGEOUS! Been there before, but it's still the best.

Best purchase: Le iPhone. It’s been months and it still fascinates me.

New skill/hobby(ies): I learned to crochet! Sort of. I haven’t completed a full garment cause I’m a sack of lazy bones…But I guess I could if I really wanted to. Haha!

New favorite food: Brussel sprouts. Best discovery ever!

New favorite restaurant: No new restaurants.... Old ones are still my faves!

Most memorable moment: When Lovey and I took my parents to Nor Cal we had dinner in our hotel room (on our second to last night). We got a cooked chicken from the local grocery store and made a makeshift table out of a nightstand. We were playing my daddy’s favorite music on Pandora…and I was sitting on the floor enjoying my chicken and soaking in the perfection of the moment. It was glorious! My favorite people on earth in one room at one moment in time in the most beautiful place…Sigh!

Most valuable lesson(s) learned? My family is really all I have. We may not get along…it may be tricky at times…But they’re always there for me no matter what.

Now time to think about my resolutions...I'm making them easy this year...


  1. This is wonderful! I think I might have to do this as well! Hugs xxx

  2. This is a great list! I might do a similar one for new year's eve! :)

  3. This is fun! Ok I'm going to do it in a day or two. Love it all for sure. Especially the last one- I've been thinking the same thing about family :)

    If Work Permits

  4. Will definatly be doing this survey!! Good for you for learning to crochet!! High five:)

  5. Love the memories of your time with your family...sometimes the simplest moments are definitely the most treasured!! :D

    & brussell sprouts are my very favorite!!! YUM!

  6. This survey is kinda tricky! I couldn't think of a favorite song or best movie answer either. I don't go to Theaters too often and I find so many great songs. I'm so excited for 2012!

  7. Love this check out my answers http://mylifeunmasked.blogspot.com/2011/12/best-of-2011-survey.html

  8. Sounds like you had a great 2011!

  9. This is such a great survey! I've been looking for a good one, so I might steal it :)

    Have a wonderful New Year! :) //Niina

  10. that moment sounds pretty perfect! i've never, ever had brussle sprouts but EVERYONE keeps talking about them and i might need to try them? it's kind of like the mashed cauliflower thing....always the last one on the train.

  11. oh girl the iphone completes me too!


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