Rundom: Cause Random is Past Tense.

Welcome to another post's worth of random pictures/random musings... (Seriously, I don't know why you guys stick around... I'm sooo boring...Uuurgghh...I totally appreciate you reading!) Anywho! Hoping you guys are all peachy keen this fine Thursday morning...err..afternoon (depending on your time zone of choice). So.. I guess I'll begin now...

First the pictures:

 Now the thoughts:

1. It's awkward when someone tells you to watch this "one show cause it's hilarious and the funniest thing ever" So you watch and don't think it's funny... at all... and then you have to tell them the truth. Awkward!

2. I love turkey!

3. I hate making phone calls 85% of the time.

4. Sometimes certain people read me like an open book. I dont like it. Only my mother and my husband can do that. Thank you.

5. Wow! I guess this randomness turned into "things I dont like" Sorry. Unintentional!

6. Brainstorming for a giveaway.. Cause my blogversary is coming up quick style! Yay!

7. I need a hair cut. Maybe some bangs. Someone talk me out of  bangs!

8. Getting rid of my blue streak too..

9. May regret 8 later, but for now I'm set on it.

10. "You make every day feel like a Monday" is the worst insult you could possibly tell someone.. I said that to my boss today.. Bahaha! (I thought it was funny!)

Enough of my randomness. 
Tell me something random! 
Go! Go! Go!


  1. BANGS!? DO IT!!!!!!! I vote yes.

    I love rundom. teehee.

    And, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I get about cancelled plans. :)

  2. 0.5) Your food pics are always amazing!
    0.6) You have the cutest style! We should be shopping sisters.

    1) So...ummm...what show was it? crossing my fingers it's not a favorite of mine!
    2) you and me both sister!
    3) me too. work on the phone all day long. don't usually like being on the phone at home unless I have lots to say!
    4) Same here! My Dad and Hubs do it best, but my Mom can too. If I'm trying to hide when I'm upset. I just can't. Impossible.
    7) Side bangs?!?!
    10) What did your boss do?! Was he mad?

    10.5) This is an extremely long, insane comment.
    44) I can't count.
    5578) I kind of heart you and stuff. Just sayin.

  3. oh janette, i loved this post in all its random glory :) That pics of that delicious food made me HUNGRY, i want to go somewhere warm, i'm even happier now that we have plans to do nothing tonight, and oh I think you'd look fabulous with bangs!!

    my post today is FULL of randoms too!! woohoo :)


  4. ah I love your randomness. I always learn more about you :)

    I hate talking on the phone too! My husband talks on the phone to his friends way more than I do!

  5. i love those collages! so fun. i've never had a cake pop but my new house is about 3 steps from a starbucks (ok, maybe more like 3 minutes but whatevs.) and i'm thinking i need one. or 6.

    also? i hate making phone calls 100% of the time. at work, i have to call this guy like 3 times a week to remind him to send me his papers so we don't throw him in jail and he never does it and i get all nervous and sweaty because people can hear me on the phone and ew.

    and that quote...pretty much sums up my life right now. =] last night, i totally did not want to do a thing and when my husband's friends bailed on us i was SO so happy. but more than lazy, sometimes i'm just not a people person. but lazy works, too.

  6. You always have tasty food pics at least haha. What show did someone make you watch?
    That cake pop(if that's what it is) looks awesome. I still haven't had one.


  7. Ok so does the pinterest app always time out for you? Because it always does for me and it bugs the crap out of me. And cake pops are so delicious, esp. the birthday ones from starbucks. Soooo good.

    If Work Permits

  8. @beka Yup! Pinterest alwaaaays times out on me!

  9. I'm a foodie so everytime I see you post pics of food it always makes me hungry. I just stuffed my face with shrimp scampi (oh yeah) :)

    Bangs sounds good, you should go for it! Maybe you should keep your blue streak >_> ???


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