Random Rundoms

Things in offline-ville have been a little tricky lately...Do you ever feel like there's soooo much going on in every area of your life that you can't even process it? (And I'm not even speaking in a negative sense, either.) Sometimes life is full of good stuff, and bad stuff, and in-between stuff...And sometimes (like lately) the mix can be a little overwhelming. I'll give you an example...

During our Chanukah party on Saturday night, we had some plumbing problems and our sewage backed up into our bathtub. Poopy in the bathtub= NASTY = soaking it in bleach and isopropyl for hours. And yet on the other hand, life is so sweet. I'm in love... It's Chanukah... I get to see my family this weekend... It's good! Life is funny I guess... Sometimes there's bliss...sometimes there's poopy... And you just gotta learn to go with it.... Still learning....

Anywho!!!  I guess now's a good time for a Rundom Random Rundown post huh? Yeah. I think so!

First the pictures:
And now the ramblings:

- I notice that while my  blender is on, my teeth are clenched really hard. 
- Watched 3 documentaries yesterday: Defamation, Jesus Save Me From Your Followers, and something about the authenticity of the Jesus Papyrus. (Can't remember the name..) They were all very interesting.
- Actually... I don't think I know the exact names of any of the documentaries I watched. Sorry.
- Going to Walmart today... You'll find me at the electronics section. Oh! And the craft section too! Wee!
- Haven't been thrifting in months! It's about time dontcha think? I think so!
- I plan on catching up on blogs today, so leave the porch light on for me!
-Feels like a Wonder Years watching-fluffy robe wearing- hot cocoa sipping-blog reading- kind of night. Who's with me!?
-Must buy some more chocolate milk for Lovey.

Now your turn! 
Tell me something random!  


  1. Ooh, I know how it feels to be overwhelmed by stuff! Not good stuff or bad stuff, just lots of 'stuff' everywhere *chuckles* Loving the red lipstick and sparkly nails, pretty winter-y-ness!

  2. I love the red lipstick and that leopard print scarf!

    I am so sorry that your plumbing backed up, but it sounds like you handled it with grace. Sometimes life just gets to be too much all at once, good, bad and indifferent. When that happens I just want to curl up in bed and read, and read, and read.

    Something random? I love sitting in my chair because every time I do my puppy snuggles on my lap! She even "Lassie leads" me to it so she can sit on my lap!

  3. What an amazing post. Poppy on the bathtub? Yuck! but while I was thinking about how I would threw gallons of Bleach in there, you said you did that so I am very well pleased. Happy Holidays!

    Your newest Follower,
    Mary from ♥ meowwzie.blogspot.com ♥

  4. Sexy red lips - love 'em!
    Cute post, stinky poo in the bathtub not so cute, love watching documentaries and I clench my teeth when someone doesn't know how to use a fork and a knife properly! haha
    Happy Holidays and have fun in the craft section at walmart, that used to be my fave place there! xxx

  5. This is such a cute post idea! And your story about the poopy and wonderfulness of life coinciding is soooo perfect and totally true!

    p.s. LOVE the red lipstick. There is something so empowering about it... I might just have to wear some today!

  6. Plumbing problems are the worst but believe me I've been there girl! UGH!
    Sounds like life is pretty good though, all in all.
    And you are the cutest-red-lipstick-wearing girl there ever was!
    Now I'm curious what crafty stuff you got into. Hmmm.
    I've been watching the Wonder Years again too this week! Kevin and Winnie had their first kiss! So sweet!

  7. They are cranberry cookies..the most amazing!! Why not come and share some with me over a coffee or tea? Twould be lovely..no?

  8. Did you turn into a movie star overnight?! Because WOW those red lip pics are awesome!! You look flawless.

    Love the John 3:16 cup...and I LOVE documentaries.

    Now I want to see photos of the Chanukah party!!!

  9. I know what you mean with things being too much. This week has been such a great, happy week. I've had lots of good little dates with my husband, my best friend and my mum. And today I went to a funeral. Two days before Christmas. Life is a little funny like that.


  10. Wow! You look great with this red lipstick!

  11. lovin' the red luciousness on you J! looks supreme and red has to be my fave shade for the lips. mmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmm about the tricky nature of life sometimes. i'm in a bit of a flouderish state right now so completely empathize with you about that stuff.

    poo dos?! oh no, that really is the be all and end all hey?! during your party times no less, timing for those kinda happenstances really is peculiar. you rolled with the poo-punches well though. kudos! awesome randoms, yes i clench my teeth when the blenders on also, weird! also, one i know Sean thinks is so strange. when i drink V8 juice i have to look at the can and count the vegetables while i sip otherwise it just doesn't taste as good. baha! i'm such a toon! xo ♥

  12. I hate pickles.

    There. Random enough? :)

    I thought I would come over and check out your blog, as Arielle shared a photo and some info about you for her Holiday Favorites section. I'm glad I came over and visited! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and are able to eat lots and lots of food, just like you hoped. :)

    And peppermint? Not a huge fan of EATING it, but I LOVE the smell. I am quite saddened by the fact that Bath and Body Works doesn't make their peppermint lotion anymore!

  13. I totally understand how you feel. Me and my hubs are thinking of starting a family and I feel things come up that make me think, maybe we should wait, either his allergies, the possible mold in our apartment, our neighbor that smokes weed, etc. I know it sounds funny but all together builds to too much!


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