Lovelinks: 5 Must-clicks (DIY Edition)

Feliz Friday Friends! Oh the rapturous joy this day brings! I'm so ready for this weekend, yet not at the same time (I'm nervous about a shoot I have scheduled for Sunday...Eek!)... Anyway... Here are 5 must-dos, must-check-outs, must click-heres:

1. Tissue paper flowers: I could not find the source for this, but I think the images are pretty self-explanatory.. No?

2. Add a lacey embellishment to your sweaters! NICE! (This site is in a foreign language..So maybe this picture will suffice?)

3. This link proves I'm a nerd. I got soooo excited when I saw this.. Haha!
 4. I'm planning to winterize my house very soon...Snowflakes galore! And this link includes a printable PDF.. Score!
 5. I've always wanted to make a quilt.. And I plan on doing that some day soon.. This site has a TON of tutorials.. Free ones! Wee!

Ok, so this week's lovelinks where a bit on the slim and trim side... And some didn't even have links.. So maybe I was misleading.. I apologize! I should've titled this "MostlyhaveallthelinksandoneisnoteveninEnglish Lovelink DIY edition" Oy!

Have a good weekend friends!


  1. i love that doily cardigan! Super cute! And it's pretty self explanatory :)

  2. I look forward to your lovelinks. I always find something new which is refreshing in my struggle here in the corporate world (my boss just left & I get to be on blogger yay!) Don't think I can do the tissue paper flowers, but the lace embellishment I probably can do. Oh man the constellations, that was my favorite past time when I was younger - Orion's belt being my favorite. Nerd to nerd, I cheat - I've downloaded GOOGLE SKY app so I can see constallations day & night =)

    You have a great weekend my friend!


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  3. P.S. Good luck with your photoshoot this weekend. I'm sure you're going to be great!

  4. Love your LOVELINKS, Janette! So many cute things! I especially adore those pretty tissue flowers! :D

  5. ohhh, i love the cardigan with the pretty doily pockets!

  6. i am the worst at cutting out snowflakes. i always chop too much and then it's ruined. i am 2 and need a tutorial. so thanks. haha =] ALSO? i want to make a quit, too!!! ahh! i've been thinking about it forever and ever amen and i just get so excited and then instant dread when i'm like, "hey, self? that's a huge project, btw." because i like to start things and not finish them. yeah, i'm one of those people. anyway. i'm making a crochet blanket. if i can finish that, i can start AND finish a quilt. easy, peasy.

  7. I'm going to bookmark this post because I like that lace embellishment on the sweater and i've been wanting to make a quilt. I made one over 10 years ago, but it's not my favorite pattern. Have a great weekend!

  8. Pretty links! I always make snowflakes at xmas, last year I taught our 2 yr old male lodger to make them and he was excited, I was so shocked he'd never made them before! He was really proud of his, it was funny! xx

  9. okay, I totally checked out that link for the paper snowflake tutorial...and jumped on making snowflakes like it was going out of style!! haha I even created some more tutorials and shared them on my blog :) thanks so much for sharing Janette! And I hope you're having a great weekend :)


  10. Such fun ideas! I love DIY I'm just not very good at it haha.


  11. love the snowflakes! will have to check out that tutorial!

    have a great weekend! :)

  12. On the same note as adding lacy doilies to your sweaters, I've also seen a tutorial around for adding leather elbow patches to cardigans...which is an interesting thought.

  13. LOL love the one of the stars too! I must be a nerd as well.

  14. Love love love these! I can't wait til I'm done with school and can spend time on break crafting instead of writing papers!

  15. WOW these are all great! Love the lace pockets and wallflowers!


  16. Those tissue paper flowers are gorgeous! And the snowflakes too! Maybe I should do something like that :) Lovely!


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