Feliz Friday !!!

Hope your week was swell! Mine sure was.... And looking forward to next week...
1. Haven't worn my mustard hat in soooo long! It's been almost a year. Missed that thing!
2. Coworkers (at work haha!) are saboteurs! Can't take the pressure!
3. Such a happy day this was! I was crafting and editing pictures at the same time... Sweet bliss! Wish I could do that for a living!
4. Still not regretting the bangs... And I put in my pink hair extension to see how I like it.. May have to go back to permanently dying it a bold color... LIKEY!
5. Thai lettuce wraps from Cheesecake Factory... UHHHHH-MAZING!
6. Sneak peek at one of the things that will be in the giveaway package (knee-high-hearted socks) But still haven't heard back from my winner.. Boo!

Happy Weekend friends!


  1. Mustard hat looks great. I forgot to say on your other post, LOVE your bangs!!! They really suit you. And I also severely heart your pink extension in there.

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  3. I can't tell you how happy I am that it's the weekend! That mustard hat looks great. I need more mustard in my wardrobe!

    Hey if your winner doesn't respond, you know I'll take it! haha j/k......no but seriously :)

    you might have to redo your giveaway.

  4. wow, talk about feeling like forever since last time i was living it up Jongleur styles, it's been waaaaaaaaaaay too long lades. oh sweet treats at work are my nemesis too, Sean just brought home his haul and last night it was a free-for-all. practically ate every last thing on the plate - yipes!

    what's this i see, pink accent along with those adorable, rockin' bangs?! just love that style on you J, you really do suite it so well! soooooo, freaky friday circumstance. i'm gonna be noshing on Thai lettuce wraps in an uno momento. We got take out last night and those babies got saved till today for late lunchin'. excited to say the least. for once i see some tasty treats on a blog and can go satisfy the craving immediately ; )

    have a wonderful weekend friend!!! i'm so sorry about my absence from the scene, there's been some stuff going on and i'm configuring a post for a kind of shut down but not sure what to say in it. don't wanna be a downer but also don't wanna seem like wow dude perfect life in effect, so not the real deal. i dunno, i'm sitting on things for a bit longer.

    enjoy the moments love, thinking of you often. now gonna continue my catchups. xo ♥

  5. I love the mustard hat!! Mustard is the best. And I love the bangs! So awesome.

    If Work Permits

  6. I looove your bangs! And that lettuce wrap looks so good, drool! And thridly, the mustard hat is super cute!
    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  7. loveee your bangs, missy. ps. you must try the lettuce wraps from pf changs. uh-mazing.

  8. ow ow!! you're looking super adorable with those bangs ;)
    AND the pink hair extension?! too cute!

  9. Just so you know....everytime I see you you in these super cute hats, I get really sad because I lost my favorite knit, yellow hat. :( Sad. THEN this weekend, while shopping, I remembered you and your cute hat and while at F21 I picked up a new knit hat for myself. ;) Yippeeeee!

    & I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bangs. Yes.


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