Feliz Friday!

Hola amigas! Como estan? Bien? Que bueno...me alegro.. Anywho.. Not much going on round these parts... What about you? Anything new and exciting? Me?? Well... the most exciting thing that has happened has been successful purchase and use of my glittery eyeliner... Haha! Just kidding.. Actually...there's much to be thankful for: Moms, Dads, caring friends, hot water, hot cocoa mix, a husband who likes to snuggle, snowflake tutorials.. Seriously thankful! Anywho...I really haven't been up to much lately.. Just trying to winterize my house and what not... Also I've been making out a ton of lists in preparation for our Hanukkah party next week.. So far I'm buying a boatload of salmon and potatoes for latkes... I'm also trying my best not to stress out about preparations as per yooj... I'm a partyzilla guys..It's not pretty...Anyway.. Enough of my random ramblings.. How about some pictures instead?

This week's almost over! I'm ready for the weekend.. Eek! Just remembered I have another phoot shoot on Sunday... Time to be nervous...

Feliz Friday friends!


  1. Happy Friday friend! Never tried glittery eyeliner, might just do so for my office holiday party next week.

    Hot cocoa looks yummy. Heading to Starbucks now to get some :) thanks for the reminder. I shall be adding cauliflower mashed potatoes to our meal this weekend. Thanks for the tip buddy.

    Enjoy your weekend!!! Big hugs :)

    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  2. How dare I forget to mention, thy tights are magnifico! Thoroughly Love.

  3. can you please send me the link to your photog website/blog? I don't know why but I can't find it!

  4. I love Elf makeup and nail polish but I've never seen the sparkly kind! I'm on the hunt now to get some.

  5. Feliz viernes! (:
    Adoro tus nevas medias! Son de mi color favorito!!
    Tu blog es adorable!!


  6. califlower mashed potatoes - I've heard of those! Gotta try it!!!

  7. I am a total partyzilla! My husband gets so annoyed how stressed I get whenever we have a get together at our house! Hope your photo shoot goes well.

  8. I have been meaning to try the cauliflower mashed potatoes. Did you like them?! What do they taste like?!

  9. Love your new tights- the color is so fun! Also, I'm not sure what that glittery stuff is but I like it! =)

    star-crossed smile

  10. Those tights are amazing. LOVE that color! I totally want a pair of those!

  11. love those glittery stuff... they do work great! awesomeness!!! XO

  12. yay for pretty makeup and hot cocoa and tights! So fun!

  13. You have inspired me - I will be adding the glittery eyeliner to my collection of things I'm probably not cool enough to own but do...

    I seriously need some cute holiday clothes. Hmmm...


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