Fall Must Dos. Check. Winter Must Dos....

Can't believe that Fall is coming to a close...A little sad about that, but I love love love winter too. It's my second favorite season and mostly because I love wearing jackets and boots more than anything.. Anywho.. Here's how I did with my Fall Must-Dos list:

Pretty good, right? Although I'm kind of sad I didn't have a tea party.. Maybe I'll bump that over to my winter list:

Forgot to include the following:
-A trip to the zoo...
-Crochet a beanie for Lovey.
-Finish reading4 books that were loaned to me. (I've started reading all 4, but can't seem to finish any of them... )

I like how these lists show that I'm not very ambitious.. Oh wells.. I take joy in accomplishing simple things...

What's number one on your Winter-Dos ?


  1. You've done pretty well! This reminds me I should check my November list, although I'd sort of forgotten about it so maybe I shouldn't check it, hehe. I like your winter list looks like lots of fun things! :) xx

  2. Good job girl! I decided to start a Christmas List today. Hope I can get all the little fun things done to help me get through the rest of the month.
    Oh and pretend we are having Peppermint mochas together, because they are my favorite!
    Hope you can throw that party, stress-free! I always stress out over parties!

  3. this layout is so cool! i love the lists:) and i agree, the beach is fabulous in the winter. you've basically got it to yourself and the hotel rates are super low in the off season:) p.s. you look GORG in those pictures:) have a beautiful, blessed day!

    p.s. your comment about seeing God made me smile and warmed my heart:)

  4. I love your posts you make all cute and stuff :) What font is the cursive hand writting like font you have in the fall to do list? I need it.

  5. I love making lists. Even if you don't accomplish everything it just feels good to look at, and you can always keep rolling it over into the next season. Kudos to you for getting so much done though, for reals.

  6. peppermint bark is SO easy to make!! i made some last friday and it was delicious. this list makes me want to do a billion things during break. mostly cut/die my hair. aaah i want my bangs back.

  7. Accomplishing simple things can be more fulfilling that not accomplishing hard things :)

    That reminds, I want to get my hair cut too. It's getting a little dried out!

  8. whoo whoo so many fun things ahead! Winter is great!!! Good luck with you Chanukah party...I bet it will be lovely. BUT I ALWAYS stress out when hosting a party, so I feel ya. :( CUT hair? DYE? ummmm how short and what color????? I need to know! I want a red plaid shirt, too.

  9. I love your list- especially the design of it :) I think my number one is to get all of my Christmas gifts purchased and wrapped asap. And make peppermint bark too. Sooo good :)

    If Work Permits

  10. 1. Those photos of you are GORGEOUS.
    2. Love these lists. I love lists and love checking things off of them!
    3. Thank you so so so much for your sweet comment on my blog! Your comments are always encouraging, but the one on my post about being single was especially great. And I totally approve of your paraphrasing of 1 Corinthians. :)

  11. You got quite a bit done! You should feel so proud. Loving your new list.

  12. Stop inspiring me! I already have enough to do! FINE. I can't help it. I'm totally going to copy you and put up my winter to-do list.


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