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Before I was married to Lovey I lived with my parents. And because I have a billion siblings (or so it seems) I never had my own room growing up...Even until the day I moved out. Don't get me wrong...I didn't mind sharing with my sisters (most days), but I never had a space to call my own...No where to hang up a poster that was all mine (I'm the youngest and my siblings are wayyyy older than me). No place to try my hand at interior decorating...

Anywho. Where was I? Oh yes! So when I moved in with Lovey (day of our wedding), he had a pretty clear sense of what kind of home he wanted. I didn't. So we went with what he liked (which I liked cause I was in la-la land and didn't know any better) What did Lovey like? Something comfy in earth tones. No gaudiness or frills...Just earth tones and maybe a splash of muted reds here and there... Unfortunately, our wedding registry was compiled with this state of mind.

Now as the years have progressed, and Lovey has pretty much given me the "all-clear" when it comes to decorating (he has opinions on everything) I'm finally developing (in my mind at least) what I'd like my home to look like... It's taken me 20+ years to figure this out.. But hey.. Better late than never, right? And here's what I've come up with.. I like pretty clutter... Color... Comfort... Coziness... and earth tones (thanks Lovey). If I had a ton of money I'd be decorating my house like this:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


This is a prescheduled post of course.. Still recovering from Chanukah party.. What. A. Doozy! 
More on that tomorrow, Lordwilling! Happy Monday!


  1. Lol, "not earthquake safe..." Made me giggle. I love organized clutter too. I like a lot of things to look at, and lots of color--but not too wild. These photos look like places where I might feel at home. Although...I live in the desert and EVERYTHING collects a dusty film. We have to dust ALL THE TIME! It kind of sucks...cause I love being surrounded by pretty, funky, and colorful things. Now I just sound like a hoarder...but you know what I mean :)

  2. aaah i just love lots of books like that...we are looking at a house and it's got lots of exposed shelving and my heart is just full of ideas and possibilities...those kinds of spaces do intimidate me and make me scared of clutter, but the pictures you chose are so beautiful!

    and girl, it took me quite a while and many, many design blogs to figure out my style. i shudder and kind of laugh when i think about the way i fixed up our first place:) it's kind of sweet though, the learning:)

  3. I also love the "organized clutter" look. It's so pretty!

  4. I like organized clutter too! Especially books!! And I don't blame for just now figuring out your design style...I think I'm still deciding what I like! :)

  5. hahahah!!! Those are all really cute! I like your style. It is funny because as much as I like it I couldn't do it myself, I would get sick of it in like 6 months. My husband too has a strong opinion of how to decorate and it is horrible because we couldn't have a polar sense of style. He loves modern and I love classic- traditional. It is the one thing I never heard married couple complain about so it shocked me in a new way once we were married.

    PS do you mind me asking why you don't call your husband by his name? Or at least all the post I have read have never revealed his name and I am just curious if there is a reason why? If you don't want to answer that, no worries! I won't mind!

    PPS I need your help with photos!!! I don't know what to do!

  6. LOOOVE the books. I think I saw that on Pinterest???
    Gah. Love homes.

  7. Love this look! I love having books everywhere!


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