Chanukah O Chanukah...

Well...our Chanukah party was a BIG success...despite the poopy incident I mentioned last time... I am sooooo grateful for the abundance of help I received from our good friends who made food, co-hosted,  delivered tables and chairs, and who never failed to offer a helping hand or suggestion when I looked distressed. I'm so beyond blessed!

I didn't get to mingle much, but I did have a happy time dancing with my nieces, eating latkes,  and spinakopitaiauaoiaasss (or whatever they're called...aka pockets of joy)... And I really didn't mind going on a midnight shopping spree for bleach at our local CVS...It was quite enjoyable roaming the aisles with Lovey... (A good date idea for ya'll. Seriously. It was fun!) Oh yeah!!! And my gold sparkly skirt was loads of fun to wear too... You can't really see the sparklies..but trust me, they were there...

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend with your families! 
Happy Holidays to you all!

PS. Did you see the "Please Keep Closed" sign? Lovey made that...So proud of him.. He's a darling.
PPS. Is that Elvira at our Chanukah party?!! What is up with my hair right there? Bahahahahha!


  1. beautiful times! you've got some really lovely friends and it's great to see you enjoying the best of the seasons fun!!! pretty party ensemble, the gold sparkle really knocks it up like 10 notches... huge smile. have a very happy holiday, Janette! xoox ♥

  2. What a pretty party! And you look so lovely in your sparkles...I see 'em! :)

    I love the dancing pictures best.

    Thanks for sharing these fun holiday pictures!! xo

  3. How gorgeous! that party looks like so much fun! Happy Holidays :)


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