What I did before Thanksgiving...

Heeeeeeelllllloooo Friends! Why does it seem like foreverssss since I’ve scampered through bloggerville? Is it just me? I really do miss you guys…I’m not sure how it’s possible to miss someone I’ve never met or talked to “live” but I do. Do. Do. Do. Anywho! The past few days are mostly a blur. There are some moments of clarity however involving mountains of turkey, gravy, and stuffing… And I do remember eating some pumpkin pie. But other than that…well... It’s all kind of a food-coma-fog. As much as I’d like to share some images of my turkey eating marathon…I shall refrain and save those for later. Instead, I’m going to show you some snaps from two days before T-Day. Why? Cause I like to keep things in chronological order as much as possible. So away we go!!

My best childhood pal, Melissa, just returned from a long vacay and I hadn’t seen her in mooonths…(she was on a 3 mos vacay!!! WHATT???) So we got together for a Yogurtland date and a nature walk at a local arboretum. We walked for hours, caught up on our lives, and snapped a few pictures of each other along the way. It was glorious! Check these snaps out! (And check out Mel’s two different colored eyes!)

Garsh! I'm soooooo attractive while I'm eating. Bahhaha! Poor Lovey.

Soooo.. How was your long weekend? (If you had one...)

PS. I was doing the Karate Kid flapping crane on that pumpkin (TALENTED!), but forgot to include the picture... Boo...Need to find that.


  1. You are looking EXTRA cute in that little outfit! LOVE the hat, too! :D Hooray for friend time and fun in the glorious fall leaves!! xo

  2. Gorgeous pics - you look super cute, even when you're eating! xxx

  3. I really like your jacket! I've been wanting a leather bomber jacket like that. Kudos to you for balancing on the pumpkin btw.


  4. gorgeous girls, gorgeous setting, gorgeous post! i've missed you around blogland! your weekend looks fabulous:)

  5. You guys are both adorable! Geez! What a fun friend date!
    AND seriously why don't you do outfit pics like all the time? I love your style lady! Those last pics of you are so pretty!

  6. This post was darling...so many cheerful words and bright colours! Made my day, so glad you had fun.

    <3 Cambria

  7. Love your jacket and boots! So cute. I miss people that I don't even talk to ever in real life so it's okay that you do too :)

    If Work Permits

  8. Great pictures! Oh, how I love frozen yogurt. :)

  9. Yay for friend reunion! Love the pictures of you standing on the pumpkin! I've never been to Yogurtland. Looks so good!

  10. i'm in love with your outfit. yogurtland is ALWAYS the best pre-thanksgiving activity.
    aaaaaah i love frogurt.

  11. Hi Janette! Beautiful pictures. I was looking forward to these pictures & wish there were more (when you mentioned it, I had plenty of photos pictured in my mind lol). 3 months vaca? OMG, jealous over here. How cool that in one of the pics it seems Melissa's eyes have different color.

    You look fantastic! Love your outfit, crushing on your shirt & scarf & ofcourse the shoes :) I wish I could wear hats like you, my head just doesn't cooperate.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  12. looks like you having a lot of fun!! keep smiling!


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