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Well, last week I got my first pair of teal tights...It seemed like a good idea at the time. But when I got home, I realized I didn't really know what to pair them with...Hello Chictopia!!! I did a customized search on "bold tights" and found some inspiration for how to style my teal pretties. I guess my two obvious options are pairing them with a skirt...or a dress (uurrghhh) and with something a little more neutral on top. Hmm....

Off to put my thinking cap on,

Happy Tuesday!

PS. For more tight-spiration, check out Lily's (of a Lonely Afternoon) post....


  1. I love tights too... hoping to see a outfit with your new tights :)

  2. Adorable! You'll have to post pics of what you come up with. I bought hunter green tights last year! I LOVE the colored tights with printed skirts/dresses. Such a cute look!

  3. oh YES! you'll have to share how you end up styling your teal tights :) I'm on the lookout for fun, bold tights! Loved the photos you shared and thanks for the link to more inspiration :)


  4. I love tights and really want to expand my collection. But I'm a cheapskate so I'm not spending over 10-15 bucks for a pair.
    I want some rusty red colored ones baaaad!

  5. I was just thinking about getting some scarlet and mustard colored tights today!

    Those inspiration photos have made up my mind :)

  6. tights are my favorite part of cooler weather. they make EVERYTHING look cooler.

  7. Hey friend! Thanks for your awesome & sweet comments! It means the world to me. This is the reason why I do what I do even though I have no time & the family is killing me for it.

    Tights are your friends here in east coast during the winter months. I've had some practice since high school when coming to Catholic school pants wasn't an option, you had to be in uniform or detention. I detested tights until I discovered that they saved my legs from winter. Can't wait to see your teal tights.

  8. oh, i do love tights! I have a beautiful pair of mustard yellow tights and I feel like I never know what to pair them with that they don't scream "hey! look at meeeeee!!!!" and instead blend nicely. but this post has given me some good ideas!

  9. Ooooo! I hope you show us how you decided to style them! I want to see! I've been afraid to try teal tights (even though I want to soo bad!)

  10. I love how tights look on other people, like the pictures above, but I never think they look good on me. I bought a blue pair, but have never worn them.


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